The new season of OGR Torino Into the darkness, into the groove. The program

Turin – OGR Turin presents the new season Into the darkness, into the groove. In addition to the meetings of OGR Talks and the return of Art, the new format OGR Club – music in the Duomo with Galea, Lepre, Niccolò Bosio, Edda with Gianni Maroccolo.

Turin – To the fifth year from the reopening, the OGR Torino explore new horizons, introduce the new opening hours and present the appointments for the next few months. From the club atmosphere in the Duomo to the consolidated format OGR Talksfrom the evening opening of the exhibitions in the Platforms to the new workshops on Sunday morning: autumn in OGR Torino is Into the darkness, into the groove.

Turin – Music: the new format OGR Club
The new use of the spaces, the groove and the voice, starting from that of the songwriters who will perform in the heart of OGR for the new format, are the protagonists of the autumn of the former workshops. OGR Club in the evocative setting of the Duomo.
Natural evolution of OGR Good Vibes – who had seen artists from the Italian music scene perform, from Motta to Myss Keta – OGR Club begins on 5 October, at 9.00 pmwith Galleyyoung and refined musician with indie rock sounds, e Haredrummer, singer, percussionist, Roman noise player on his first solo album.

The first evening is organized in collaboration with Panico Concerti and Locusta. We continue on November 22, at 9.00 pmwith Niccolò Bosioindependent musician from Turin who likes to define himself sound mechanicand Edda, born artistically in the 80s as the voice of Ritmo Tribale and today a solo singer-songwriter, for the occasion with Gianni Maroccolo, one of the most important bassist in the Italian rock scene and record producer. The second appointment is presented by OGR Torino in collaboration with Indiependence and Locusta.
Participation in OGR Club is free while seats are available, upon registration on the OGR Torino website. Biographies and further details on scheduled events follow.

GALEA + HARE | 5 October 2022 at 9.00 pm @Duomo
Doors and bar station open at 20.00
The event is presented by OGR Turin in collaboration with Panic Concerts And Locust
Reservations available on the OGR Torino website.

Galley – Born in 2000, from Puglia, aka Galea due to the etymological origin of his surname: Guaglione, which in ancient times refers to the guaglioni, the boys who worked on galleys, those warships or trading ships that sailed the Mediterranean before, after and during the Middle Ages. Refined musician, she plays guitar, ukulele and piano. She was among the 20 semifinalists of AmaSanremo in 2021 with the song Our 20. A deep timbre and a recognizable musical charisma. Like the Americans at the prom is his first album produced by Antonio Filippelli where the sound influences of the 90s peep out. A blossoming musical project that smells of those indie rock sounds typical of contemporary Anglo-American female voices.

Hare – Hare aka Lorenzo Lemme. Drummer, singer, percussionist, noise player. Since he was a child he studied drums and other percussions, such as surdo, bombo, redoblante of the Argentine murga and cajon flamenco. At the end of the 90s he starts playing live, even the guitar and experiments with effects combined with singing and drums. From 2005 to 2017 he sings and plays with the band Eildentroeilfuorieilbox84, then Superbox, and in 2015 he gives life to LeSigarette, a drum and guitar duo. Since 2016 he has been part of the band and collaborates on the arrangements of the songs by the Roman singer-songwriter Lucio Leoni. Since 2018 he collaborates with the dancer Eva Grieco in the duo tabula rasa. In 2020 he entered the studio to record his first solo album under the stage name Lepre, which he followed in 2022 Sickthe first album produced and edited by Tichetta, Trovarobato, Big time and Locusta.

NICCOLÒ BOSIO + EDDA WITH GIANNI MAROCCOLO | November 22 at 9.00 pm @Duomo
Doors and bar station open at 20.00
The event is presented by OGR Turin in collaboration with Indiependence And Locust
Reservations available from 6 October on the OGR Torino website.

Niccolò Bosio – Born in Turin in 1985, he is sound mechanic and musician, producer of music and soundtracks for films and TV, accordionist and arranger. He has collaborated with various groups of the Turin music scene, and not. At the end of 2019 she recorded his first album, Goldsmiths and Orphanswhich was supposed to see the light in April 2020, but has given way to The smell of gasolinewhich can be considered to all intents and purposes as his first publication despite being his second work. I do not rememberalso produced for Indiependence, is his second instant album released in December 2021.

Edda – Edda was born artistically at the end of the 80s as a singer of Ritmo Tribale, a historic seminal band in the world of Italian rock, with whom he has made five records and hundreds of concerts. She then took a long break from music and social life. A personal crisis, difficult years, drugs, a community of rehabilitation. All gutted in her songs that will make up her first solo album, Semper Biot in 2009, a thin and excruciating debut, a thin diary widely appreciated by critics and not only, which leads him several times to share the stage with the Afterhours. After six albums with Ritmo Tribale and four solo albums (three originals and a live EP), in 2017 he released Graceful utopia, a mature, strong and desperate record, full of suggestions, spirituality, provocations and unconditional love. On 23 September on Al-Kemi Records / Ala Bianca and Warner / Fuga, the new album Illusion produced by Gianni Maroccolo.

Gianni Maroccolo – Among the most important figures of Italian rock, bassist first of Litfiba, then of CCCP and CSI, and again of PGR. In 2004 he made his solo debut with ACAU Our wonder, a record featuring numerous friends and colleagues with whom he collaborated over the years, from Lorenzo to Battiato, from Carmen Consoli to Cristiano Godano. In 2005 he presented his new project, IG, in collaboration with the Brescian singer Ivana Gatti. In the same period he plays as bassist of Marlene Kuntz, of which he is the discoverer and that he will continue to follow also managerially after the formation of a new bassist. With the nucleus of Marlene and with the Anglo-Saxon DJ Howie B, he forms the Beautiful, a formation that records an album in 2009, to be published in 2010, on behalf of Al Kemi Lab, the creative factory that is created by Maroccolo together with some friends. On 30 and 31 January 2013 Gianni Maroccolo performs with Litfiba and Antonio Aiazzi at the Alcatraz in Milan in two celebratory concerts of the so-called Trilogy of power, from which a live record is made. He is also a talent scout and record producer, an activity that takes shape in the CPI – the Consorzio Produttori Indipendenti – and in numerous and prestigious collaborations with leading names in the Italian rock scene.

The complete calendar of all OGR appointments, with the relative booking info, is available and constantly updated on the OGR Torino website.

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The new season of OGR Torino Into the darkness, into the groove. The program