“My fragile” by Jérôme Garcin: the scout of darkness

my fragile by Jérôme Garcin Gallimard, 112 pages, €14 “I had a fragile brother. Now that he’s dead, he seems stronger to me, and I feel weaker. Thus begins the overwhelming introspection of Jérôme Garcin, provoked by a double mourning. The death of Françoise, her mother, then, six months later, that of Laurent, her disabled … Read more

Jérôme Tolot: “A new communication campaign for our donors”

“We have chosen to highlight the churches” – Why propose a new communication campaign? – We consider it a good idea, every three years, to talk to the donors of the Chantiers du Cardinal on a slightly different theme. For this campaign, launched in the coming weeks, we have chosen to highlight churches as places … Read more