When the camera can’t turn away, these women force us to listen

It’s not every day that a film made up entirely of monologues is released, as is the case with Frederick Wiseman’s recent drama, “A couple,” which shines the spotlight on Sophia Tolstoy and her unhappy marriage to Leo Tolstoy. It wasn’t the only 2022 film to surprisingly use a monologue. In August, the curious psychological … Read more

In Iraq, the Iranians return in force for the Arbain pilgrimage

“It’s as if I had just arrived in paradise,” says Najmè, an Iranian teacher, wrapped in a black chador, who came to the holy city of Kerbala in Iraq like three million of her compatriots for the Arbain pilgrimage. , the highlight of the Shiite calendar. “I am extremely happy,” adds the 37-year-old woman. With … Read more

Lucca Comics and Games 2022: Press Cafè with Atsushi Ohkubo, manga creator of Soul Eater and Fire Force

During this fantastic edition of Lucca Comics and Games, Planet Manga he kindly invited us to the maestro’s press conference Atsushi Ohkuboone of the most important guests of this year’s event. Atsushi Ohkubo is the very young mangaka behind two very successful works such as Soul Eater And Fire Force, both series available in Italy … Read more

Our ancestral wisdom is still alive and in force

Generation after generation, the Mayan peoples preserve fundamental values ​​for individual, community and national development that are rooted in wisdom and experiences of centuries. Our ancestral vision prevails through teachings and practices of great simplicity and current relevance. Most importantly, the genuine practices of our wisdom do not conflict with or oppose other cultures and … Read more

Athena on Netflix: Romain Gavras’ new film is an incredible tour de force

Three years before Athenain 2019, Ladj Ly completed his first work of fiction, Wretched, on the striking image of a teenager, victim of a police blunder, armed with a Molotov cocktail. A swollen face and glare, the boy stands in front of a policeman on the ground, terrified at the idea that his opponent will … Read more

A task force is working on the new model dedicated to MREs

A meeting of the ministerial commission for the affairs of Moroccans residing abroad and migration, held this Tuesday, August 30, kicked off the reflection on the reform to which the Sovereign called in his speech on August 20 last. According to our information, at the end of this meeting chaired by Aziz Akhannouch, where he … Read more

Tradition of choral groups remains in force in the Dominican Republic

Over the years, Dominican choral groups have become a benchmark for spirituality and social unification. Despite the fact that since their inception they have had hidden presentations, and many of them have taken refuge in the religious community as a symbol of raising their prayers through unanimous voices, the choirs remain valid on stage. Their … Read more

Guerre en Ukraine : « La guérison du monde présuppose une force spirituelle inspirante »

Cette année, les paroles prophétiques du pape François sont devenues réalité : nous ne vivons pas seulement dans l’ère du changement, mais dans une époque qui change d’ère. Le pape François a longtemps parlé de notre époque comme d’une « troisième guerre mondiale morcelée ». Maintenant, même le porte-parole de Poutine dit que la troisième guerre mondiale a … Read more