The question of wearing the veil agitates the Turkish political class

It all started last October 3, when the leader of the opposition Kemal Kiliçdaroglu proposed to legislate to guarantee the right of women to wear the veil. He creates astonishment even within his own party. What has stung the boss of the CHP, a party which is moreover founded by Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, father of … Read more

The dance of the veil in Pierfranco Bruni’s writing of the trilogy

The dance of the veil in Pierfranco Bruni’s writing of the trilogy Marilena Cavallo* Writing is complicity: an invitation to fly and the journey is accomplished.Getting on the flying carpet of writing and immersing yourself in the charm of the night among the thousand adventures of words is the emotion that ensures this recently published … Read more

Abou deceived by his wife whom he discovers without a veil, in a thong and smoking »

Sam Zirah invited the reality TV candidate Abou in the last episode of his show on Youtube and the ex of Léana made the buzz with his declarations during their interview on his descent into hell following his marriage, “I discovered my wife without a veil, in a thong, in a bed smoking”he confided in … Read more

Abou already divorced: ‘I discovered my wife without a veil in a bed smoking’

Abou is a reality TV candidate who has gradually withdrawn from the medium. Discovered during the filming of The Villa of Broken Hearts 6, the young man is best known for his relationship with the sulphurous Léana. Later, they will participate in The Battle of Couples 3. Unfortunately, it was on this last shoot that … Read more

“Making the veil a problem is equivalent to promoting it”

‘My Islam, my freedom’ Kahina savored in Paris the freedom that she lacked in Algeria as a woman, a freedom kidnapped by a dogmatic religion. Kahina values ​​her freedom so highly that today she defends it against Islamic fundamentalism as well as against secularism that stifles all spirituality. I read My Islam, My Freedom (The … Read more