Looking For A Sister Wife: All The Red Flags In Snowden’s Relationships | Pretty Reel

Audiences were first introduced to Dimitri and Ashley Snowden in 2018, on the inaugural season of TLC’s Seeking Sister Wife, and since then they’ve noticed plenty of red flags in their relationship. The eccentric couple would become fan favorites throughout their time on the show, taking fans on their spiritual journey as they searched to … Read more

Antonio Sola: ‘My wife is not only prefect, but perfect’


He has participated in nearly 500 electoral campaigns in more than 40 countries, with 17 presidential elections won, which has positioned the Spaniard Anthony Alone as one of the top five political strategy consultants in the world. The resume of the also husband of the prefect of Guayas, susana gonzalezis extensive, so we invite you … Read more

Abou deceived by his wife whom he discovers without a veil, in a thong and smoking »


Sam Zirah invited the reality TV candidate Abou in the last episode of his show on Youtube and the ex of Léana made the buzz with his declarations during their interview on his descent into hell following his marriage, “I discovered my wife without a veil, in a thong, in a bed smoking”he confided in … Read more

Abou already divorced: ‘I discovered my wife without a veil in a bed smoking’


Abou is a reality TV candidate who has gradually withdrawn from the medium. Discovered during the filming of The Villa of Broken Hearts 6, the young man is best known for his relationship with the sulphurous Léana. Later, they will participate in The Battle of Couples 3. Unfortunately, it was on this last shoot that … Read more

He became a Protestant, he was a soldier on a nuclear submarine, his wife committed suicide… and now he will be a priest


James Bors He entered the seminary in Baltimore (USA) in 2015, at the age of 53. He looked around at his companions seminarians, who were the same age as their children in their twenties. Would he, who had held such odd jobs and traveled so much, adjust to seminary life? He soon realized that he … Read more