Abou already divorced: ‘I discovered my wife without a veil in a bed smoking’

Abou is a reality TV candidate who has gradually withdrawn from the medium. Discovered during the filming of The Villa of Broken Hearts 6, the young man is best known for his relationship with the sulphurous Léana. Later, they will participate in The Battle of Couples 3. Unfortunately, it was on this last shoot that the couple, who no longer got along at all, separated. If the buxom brunette has since found love again, Abou had made his return as a bachelor in 10 Perfect Couples 5. A few months after the broadcast, surprise, he announces his religious marriage.

Alas, the candidate has just revealed in an interview that his dream has been completely destroyed. In reality, this unfaithful woman was a great manipulator.

“She stretched out the pole to me with religion”

In March 2022, Abou surprises his community by religiously marrying a veiled woman he met a month earlier. Since then, the sports coach has become very discreet. While his fans thought he was swimming in happiness with his wife, he just surprised us in a shock interview granted to Sam Zirah !

In a previous issue of AJA, Abou announced to the Youtuber that he had fallen in love with this 26-year-old woman since she had contacted him on his networks. “She gave me the perch with religion, spirituality, the veil too… She was a veiled ‘oukhty'”begins Abu.

“A connection was made, we were on the same wavelength. I was like crazy! We quickly talked about marriage. Everything happened very quickly! It was beautiful, I believed in it. give the good Lord without confession!”

He continues his story: “Everything was fine, we saw each other a few times. We didn’t touch each other, not a kiss, we waited for the wedding. Abstinence. It was complicated to feel the potato coming… I made a crazy marriage proposal in February. We do the hlel in March. (…) I take my truck and I’ll get all his things in Toulouse. We move to Paris. Everything is going great. But, I discover that she is sickly jealous!

“Today, some girls flirt with the veil”

Alas, over the course of the relationship, Abou will discover that this person was not at all the one he thought he knew:

“I had found a certain spirituality, but this person played with that… (…) You really have to have lived with a manipulator to realize how strong it is ! (…) Instagram, TikTok, Snapchat and my job as a sports coach, he doesn’t like it. So, I cut myself off from the networks. I even stop my coaching with women! I give him a roof, food, money. I give her everything, because she is a woman who has never worked in her life. I put everything aside. I slid to the dark side, I went dark.”

On discovering that he had been tricked, Abu trembles with anger and depicts a new way of courting men in the suburbs: “What annoys me is hiding behind a religion. Today, some girls no longer flirt with mini-skirts, Louis Vuitton bags and Louboutins. There, they flirt with the veil. They tell themselves that they are going to pass for a pious, virtuous girl, but that is not the case. You have to see them all in the 9.4 to wear the veil! (…) Now, I only want to talk to women who have at least the BAC !!! I’m angry, I was fooled!

“My wife without a veil in str*ng in a bed smoking shisha!”

But Abou is not at the end of his surprises…

The young man, who had made sacrifices and had forgotten himself for his couple, discovered much worse:She cheated on me with several men for several months before and after the wedding! This woman who prayed with me… Must see the hypocrisy! One day, I wake up suddenly and I go to see in his blocked Snapchat accounts. I see there are 6 guys stuck. I contact one. I’m falling 10 stories! He tells me he slept with her during Ramadan when she got off. He sends me proof of my veilless wife in a thong in bed smoking shisha with my ring on her finger and the holidays he had with her!”

Abu’s wife begins by denying, then ends up confessing.

“It’s only a tenth of the story”confides Abou to Sam Zirah. “I’m going to talk to another guy who’s blocked on Snapchat. He sent me a video of my wife fucking herself…. He was with her for four years, she had done the same to him. He saw him again after our marriage and eShe denied that we were married. She betrayed me. “

In shock and in the worst possible condition, Abou ended up in the hospital:I lost 15 kilos, I was all skinny. I looked like nothing. I no longer ate, I no longer slept. I put my life in danger. I was picked up like a poor piece of shit. (…) I hope she will pay for it, I curse her! She sleeps with other men during the marriage without protecting herself! She was doing things she wasn’t even doing with me!”

After admitting that she had “a problem”, the young woman ended up leaving the home.

Convinced of having been manipulated, the ex of Léana still does not take off to this day. However, his health has improved since they were no longer married. Abou reopened an Instagram account and resumed his coaching.

Abou already divorced: ‘I discovered my wife without a veil in a bed smoking’