Going to the movies, seeing people, witnessing a crime? A defense of growing up in the city

“OMG, sorry for the delay! The traffic was terrible today”. This is released by a five-year-old girl who is late for her ballet class and registers it Overheard LA —heard in Los Angeles—, an Instagram and TikTok account that, basically, is dedicated to sharing the most ridiculous, funny or simply symptomatic phrases of life in … Read more

Demonstration Thursday in Paris against “the abandonment of city medicine”

LONDON: The French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo published a special issue on Wednesday mocking Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei in support of anti-government protests in Iran. The edition entitled “January 7commemorates the anniversary of the 2015 terrorist attack on its Paris offices. “The freedom to which every human being aspires is incompatible with the archaism … Read more

After 140 years, the brothers of the Franciscan Congregation leave the city of Temuco

Being already part of the history of the Diocese of San José de Temuco and of the regional capital of La Araucanía, the Franciscan brothers of the parish community of Nuestra Señora de Lourdes, left the city and with great feeling, were accompanied in the celebration of the Holy Mass, on Tuesday, December 27, by … Read more

River City Girls 2: la recensione del nuovo picchiaduro a scorrimento di Wayforward

Da videogiocatori di vecchia data è difficile sfuggire alla corrente dei ricordi quando qualcuno decide di riproporre formule vicine alla propria infanzia. Non è nemmeno necessario che si tratti di ritorni straordinari o di riproposizioni d’idee ancora oggi senza rivali: la spezia della nostalgia è spesso sufficiente a rendere speciali anche produzioni di livello medio, … Read more

Thinking, writing the city

Hassan II University of Casablanca Faculty of Arts and Humanities-Mohammedia Interdisciplinary Research Laboratory in Social and Human Sciences International meetig : ” Thinking, writing the city” Tuesday 23 and Wednesday 24 November 2022 Call for papers The Interdisciplinary Human Sciences Research Laboratory (LARISH) of the Faculty of Letters and Human Sciences of Mohammedia – Hassan … Read more

With the City Angels, two parties for the poorest in Milan

Raspelli Beruschi and Bonacina ON CHRISTMAS EVE INTERRELIGIOUS PRAYER ON JANUARY 6TH THE “BEFANA DEL CLOCHARD” On 24 December, for the homeless in Milan Central Station, there will be prayers at noon, in front of the Holocaust Memorial – Platform 21, in Piazza Safra 1 At the Epiphany lunch for 200 … Read more

September Prato is Entertainment, all the appointments of the festival: concerts, shows and events spread throughout the city | Meadow TV

Concerts, shows, workshops, DJ sets and much more. From 27 August to 5 September, Piazza Duomo becomes the main stage of the Settembre Prato è Spettacolo Festival, now in its seventh edition, organized by Fonderia Cultart in collaboration with the Municipality of Prato. In addition to the major events that will be held in Piazza … Read more

10 Best Video Games Like Resident Evil: Welcome To Raccoon City (That Aren’t Resident Evil Games) | Pretty Reel

With the recent emergence that budget cuts were responsible for limiting the potential of Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City, it’s a disappointing sign for fans of the most beloved Resident Evil film of recent years. While the Resident Evil Netflix series alienated fans for a perceived lack of respect for the source material, Welcome … Read more

City Angels e la festa di Natale con i senzatetto

Il 24 dicembre torna la preghiera interreligiosa con i clochard presso il Memoriale della Shoah. “É un evento significativo ricco solidarietà, di fratellanza e di spiritualità, che organizziamo da 28 anni – dice Mario Furlan, fondatore dei City Angels – Saranno presenti i clochard della Stazione, alcuni dei quali dormono proprio di fronte al Memoriale. … Read more