The City with Culture Book Fair arrives at Pueblo Libre

The Peru Economic Culture Fund and Ciudad Librera, in alliance with the Municipality of Pueblo Libre, organize for the second time the Book Fair in the Capital of the Bicentennial “City with Culture”. Thus, the district of Pueblo Libre continues with the cultural promotion with this event that will provide a program with recreational activities … Read more

The city of gold, the industriousness of the Arezzo people and the Madonna del Conforto. Ghinelli’s speech to Bishop Andrea

“Good afternoon everybody,to the civil, military and religious Authorities, to the Mayors, and to all of you who have chosen to follow this very important moment.It is a privilege, and it is also a thrill for me to welcome and welcome to our city the new Bishop, His Excellency Monsignor Andrea Migliavacca, who from today … Read more

Tell Naples: in the dialogue between Peppe Barra and Conchita Sannino an investigation into the city

A multifaceted artist who has gone through several seasons of Naples, changing yet remaining true to himself; a man who stayed even though he might have many reasons to go; a person who has weathered the setbacks of life. Maybe too simplistic to describe a personality like Pepe Barra but an attempt had to be … Read more

We all love Black | “ALBERTO BOREA: Archaeologies of the present and poetics of the city” in the Germán Krüger Espantoso Space of the ICPNA in Miraflores


The exhibition in homage to Alberto Borea (1979 – 2020) opens the way for the rescue of contemporary art in a country without memory, where the deceased protagonists of our cultural work very quickly fall into oblivion. We have very gifted young people, like Christian Quijada or Miguel Alfaro, who disappeared prematurely in the last … Read more

Mayor Saadi highlighted the growth of the city as a tourist destination


November 13, 2022 – 00:41 The 15th Religious Tourism Meeting culminated on Friday, highlighting the importance of this product and the new development opportunities it represents for the province, the region and the country. During two consecutive days and through the different presentations, the different experiences and the global impact of this activity that manages … Read more

The inmates donate a work of art to the city


At the National Council of the UGL in Rome, various representatives of the government were present, the provincial secretary Andrea Alario spoke of the Sicilian province of Caltanissetta which suffers decades of isolation and crime. The signs of a relaunch between quality agriculture, Gela and infrastructures, are still the dream never realized. This is the … Read more

Placido: “Grateful to Naples, the city that made itself available for my L’Ombra di Caravaggio” | Video


“We are in Naples to personally thank you for how you are welcoming Caravaggio’s L’Ombra. Naples was providential for the film making us feel at home in the middle of Covid in a delicate moment. We stayed here for a month and we worked very well. Thank you “are the words of Michele Placido when … Read more

The Secret of the Lost City: how Brad Pitt’s hairdresser changed the film


Released on April 20, 2022, “The Secret of the Lost City” is the very first feature film by the Nee brothers. For the occasion, they surrounded themselves with a four-star cast including Sandra Bullock, Channing Tatum, Daniel Radcliffe and Brad Pitt in a very small role. Find out how the latter ended up on the … Read more

Original towns. Ayaq Marq’an Killa in the City of Buenos Aires


Latin American Summary, November 2, 2022. Every year, on the first two days of November, the Andean Peoples carry out the Ayaq Marq’an Killa Ceremony (Day of the Dead). In those moments, those who are not in this plane visit us, we make contact with our ancestors.The Ayaq Marq’an Killa socially shares the original spirituality … Read more