The buzz of the world in Raymond Israel’s teleri on display at the ATM Foundation in Milan. – Carlo Franza’s blog

The posthumous exhibition of Raymond Israel (1924-2016) has been inaugurated, now underway and can be visited until 5 February 2023, in the halls of the ATM Foundation in Milan, in the presence of the President of the Francesco Viola Foundation and Francesco Caroprese, Vice President of the Order of Journalists of Lombardy. Over twenty large … Read more

“The crib of Padre Kino” by the Venetian artist Luigi Ballarin at the Mart in Rovereto – Carlo Franza’s blog

It will remain exposed until 8 January 2023 in the entrance hall of the Mart, Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art of Trento and Rovereto, “The crib of Padre Kino” created by the Venetian artist Luigi Ballarin. It is a large canvas (3.60 x 2.40 m) which interprets the narration with which Venerable Father Eusebio … Read more

Blog | Felicità e lavoro sono un binomio possibile?

L’autore del post, Silvano Joly, boomer torinese, è un manager che ha lavorato con Innovation Leader come PTC, Reply, Sap, Dassault Systemes, Centric Software, Syncron e  con Aziende pre-IPO, start up. Contributore presso varie Università Italiane, è mentore pro-bono di start-up high-tech e da sempre amico della Piccola Casa della Provvidenza (Cottolengo), il più antico … Read more

Blog | Carolyn Carlson nei teatri con The Tree: «Con la danza la mia lotta per l’ambiente»

Carolyn Carlson espande il potenziale delle coreografie oltre i limiti tradizionali.  Per l’artista Leone d’Oro alla carriera, la prima donna a riceverlo in questa disciplina, la danza è qualcosa che non si può descrivere a parole, perché prende vita soltanto nel linguaggio del corpo, fatto di respiro, sospensione, carisma e presenza. Da oltre quarant’anni Carolyn … Read more

Blog India. Indians and money: a great love story

In the French – and Western – imagination, the Indians are seen as beings imbued with spirituality, indifferent to earthly considerations. Dressed in shimmering fabrics that contrast with the dusty air of the street, they always share the little they hold and offer you spiced tea in a back-to-basics atmosphere full of authenticity and smelling … Read more

Blog | How to recognize eternal fascism: Umberto Eco explained it and it is our duty to unmask it

by Giuseppe Criaco In his essay on the Eternal fascism, Umberto Eco he wrote “behind a regime and its ideology, there is always a way of thinking and feeling, a series of cultural habits, a nebula of dark instincts and unfathomable impulses”. We must start from these words to understand the outcome of the last … Read more

Blog | Ukraine, pressure on the Vatican continues but the Pope remains out of the chorus

The pressure of the Ukrainian government against the Vatican. The Ukrainian president Zelensky the Pope would like to go to Kyiv, possibly before the pontiff’s trip to Kazakhstan (which will take place on 13 September). Francesco has not decided. He would prefer a mission to both Kyiv and Moscow to encourage one peace negotiation. It’s … Read more


At the age of 97, the London-based author, who definitively consecrated himself to Paris between the 1950s and 1960s, left an unbridgeable void ————————————————– ——— CINEMA SCHOOL OF WILD TRAILS: REGISTRATION OPEN YEAR 2022-23 ————————————————– ——— Taking up one of the fundamental texts of theatrical theory, “The empty space”, there is no doubt that that … Read more