Jesus remains the way, the truth and the life | AgentSIR

On the day of his funeral, we disclose the last public homily of Cardinal George Pell delivered last Saturday 7 January in San Giovanni Rotondo at the Padre Pio spirituality center on the occasion of the XX general conference of the Magnificat Dominum Community, a Catholic charismatic community born in Foggia in 1984, by a … Read more

Last homily of card. Pelt. Jesus remains the way, the truth and the life

We believers know well the blessings we have received in Jesus Christ, we know that “The people who lived in darkness saw a great light and that for those who lived in regions of shadow of death, a light has arisen” Isaiah 9.1. We know Jesus’ call, through the Baptist, to conversion: “Repent because the … Read more

Child labor, a situation that remains entrenched in Nicaragua • VosTV

Every June 12, the World Day Against Child Labor is commemorated, a situation of which Nicaragua is no exception. In the country, there are organizations like World Vision Nicaragua that fight to eradicate this scourge. “We continue to work as an organization, perhaps we will not eradicate it completely, but we can all do something … Read more

Festival of Lights: what remains of the spirit of December 8?

The question resurfaces every year between embarrassment and nostalgia. If the religious foundations of December 8 do not allow any debate, its evolution towards a secular demonstration is accompanied by a quest for meaning. The various politicians who are in charge of it dress it every year with a symbolic significance. It varies with the … Read more

“Garabandal’s message is Christian, but it remains unfinished because there is a wave of ingratitude”

Interview with Fr. José Rolando Cabeza, parish priest of San Sebastián de Garabandal On October 18, 1961, in the village of San Sebastián de Garabandal, in Cantabria (Spain), a message was heard that was allegedly transmitted by Our Lady: “Many sacrifices must be made, much penance. We have to visit the Blessed Sacrament often. But … Read more

Nîmes: the Cévennes shaman Loup Blanc, a teacher of sexual harmony, remains in prison for rape

Cyrille Adam, 70, is the subject of a dozen complaints from former followers who denounce sexual assault, rape and abuse of weakness. He disputes everything. The small forty followers who unconditionally support the White Wolf shaman will still have to wait to see him again. This Thursday, October 6, the Nîmes Court of Appeal decided … Read more

Nueva Esperanza, the largest archaeological find in Cundinamarca that remains under the scrutiny of experts

Archaeological excavations at the Nueva Esperanza site, TCE sector. Photo: Minute of God University Corporation UNIMINUTO. Rectory Bogotá On-site – Nueva Esperanza MANE Archaeological Museum. A few years ago, very close to Salto del Tequendama, south of Soacha, in what is identified by archaeologists as a terrace (a flat place by geographical nature), one of … Read more

“What remains of the present”, Volumnia hosts the exhibition by Gianluigi Colin

A complex and monumental site-specific installation gives life to Gianluigi Colin’s exhibition in the Volumnia gallery in Piacenza. Gianluigi Colin (Pordenone, 1956) has been working on the dialogue between images and words for many years. In particular, the center of his work is the media system, the dimension of time and the value of Memory. … Read more