Le Conseil de ministres d’Ukraine reconnaît le travail d’ADRA Ukraine

16 novembre 2022 | ADRA Europe Olena Slobodianiuk est originaire de la région de Kherson et a réussi à se rendre à Kiev après un voyage difficile. « Nous avons besoin d’un soutien financier pour payer le logement et la nourriture, car nous n’avons presque plus de finances après des mois d’occupation. Il n’y a pas de … Read more

Andrea Tornielli: “The Ukraine scandal, a conflict between peoples who share the same baptism”

“Faith and religious tradition can never be taken for granted and assumed. Russian and Ukrainian Christians share the same divine liturgy and the same spirituality that is typical of the Eastern Churches” “The fact that what has broken out in the heart of Europe is a war between Christians makes the wound even more painful … Read more

Christians affected by the wound of the war in Ukraine


This is the scandal of a conflict involving peoples sharing the same baptism: faith and religious tradition can never be taken for granted and taken for granted. Andrea Tornielli We are approaching the ninth month since the start of Russia’s horrific war of aggression against Ukraine. Nine months is the time during which a human … Read more

War in Ukraine: the “de


Moscow is revising its targets upwards. After advocating the “demilitarization” and the “denazification” of Ukraine, the Kremlin now intends to slay the Antichrist. “The objective is to stop the supreme ruler of hell, whatever his name is – Satan, Lucifer or Iblis”, wrote former President Dmitry Medvedev during the National Unity Day, Thursday, November 4. … Read more

He was in the parish of Dogliani in the summer, now he is auxiliary bishop at 40 in Ukraine


Father Nicola Semenyshyn this summer in Dogliani, with Don Marco Sciolla “The Synod of Bishops of the Ukrainian Greek-Catholic Church elected auxiliary bishop of the Archieparchy of Ivano-Frankivsk (Ukraine) Msgr. Mykola (Nicola) Semenyshyn, to whom the Holy Father granted his assent, assigning him the titular see of Junk of Mauritania … Read more

Pope Francis returns to the “tormented Ukraine” and asks for “the gift of peace”, recalling that “mercy can change hearts”


“Let’s not forget to pray for the tormented Ukraine. Always asking the Lord for the gift of peace ”. This was asked by Pope Francis at the end of this morning’s General Audience in St. Peter’s Square. Shortly before, Francis had explicitly evoked the conflict by greeting the Poles present in San Pietro’s stink. “Today … Read more

Ukraine: “Francis’ diplomacy is a diplomacy of movement”


Francis spoke directly to Vladimir Putin on October 2, begging him to end the fighting with Ukraine. A speech that contrasts with the previous interventions of the Holy Father since the beginning of the war in Ukraine. Interview with François Mabille, researcher at the CNRS and director of the observatory of geopolitics of religions of … Read more