Breslov and Uman: a passionate relationship that defies war

After the coronavirus pandemic, it is now the shadow of war that hangs over the pilgrimage of Uman. In light of the risks involved, Ukrainian and Israeli authorities have called with one voice on Jewish pilgrims not to travel to the city in eastern Ukraine on the occasion of Rosh Hashanah. Uman Mayor Iryna Pletnyova … Read more

Today, the horoscope of seers in Las Palmas, reveals that Leo is passionate

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Domenico Scialla, author of “Walking towards the ocean”: a passionate experimenter of life


Domenico Scialla, journalist and tv commentator – panelist of “Che Succ3de”, the program conducted by Geppi Cucciari – tells the genesis of his latest book: “Walking towards the ocean”, a journey inside and outside our “I”, with unexpected and mysterious results. Is your novel the result of an autobiographical experience? In some respects, yes. It … Read more