Ignazio Oliva / “My wife Giovanna Pancheri, loyal, passionate and not jealous love”

The Italian actor Ignazio Oliva was a guest yesterday of the program of Tv2000, The Solar Hour, and on the occasion he told a little about himself at 360 degrees. The first words were for Genoahis city: “It is my city, I love and hate at the same time, I left it when I was about 10 years old, I often go especially to follow my favorite team (Genoa ed), as well as to visit part of the family “. On the son: “My son is now 16 years old, I was a little wrong in my son’s sports education, I did a bit like the fascists once did, indoctrination without restraint, and he had healthy human rejection, he plays volleyball like a madman, he doesn’t really support football “. And again: “Genoa is a city that allows itself to be discovered, it is not easy, it is not warm people like in the south who are my other half, but the Genoese are very loyal, very witty, and it is a city that is architecturally worth discovering and then there is a musical and artistic underground that you do not expect ”.

The second half of Ignazio Oliva, as mentioned above, is the Salento: “Salento is the other half of my heart, my parents took a farm in 1970 where there was nothing, we did not have water at home … I am deeply tied to that land, a land of my heart, and if today you ask me what my good retreat will be, I will say Salento. it is a wonderful land, rich in humanity, sincere, generous ”. Ignazio Oliva deeply loves nature and being outdoors: “I feel and experience all the elements of nature regularly, I have my escapes from the city. Fishing is a passion that I passed on to my son and it was successful unlike Genoa, and it even became an obsession for my son, we have a fishing house shop. At Easter we make the trip he and I alone around Italy or the world. He taught me to fish my grandfather’s sailor – continued Ignazio Oliva – my grandfather had a big boat and there was a sailor. What does fishing teach you? The wait, the adrenaline but above all the contact with nature, the sea, the silence, the solitude, the noises, the sounds, the freedom, the feeling of being a little out of the world. We always release the catch, unless we catch a good bass ”.


Another city to which Ignazio Oliva is very attached is Rome: “He welcomed me when I was 10, clearly it wasn’t easy, but Rome is a city that unlike Genoa welcomes at first sight, it was very easy to fit in well, I went to all the schools then I went and away and I am returned to Rome because this job is mainly done here. An actor never stops learning and all he brings to the set is that he has something inside. My love for nature, the land, working the land is something that I brought into my work “. Ignazio Oliva played St. Francis directed by Wenders: “It was an honor but also great fear of performance because how do you play such a man? In the film “Pope Francis, a man of his word”, St. Francis was recalled in the moments in which the Pope told why he was called Francis. Wenders left me very free to work, I tried to find my spirituality ”.

On his travel to Africa with an NGO: “The first time in 2004, I was 34 years old and I regret not having made these trips before, it is an experience that I recommend to children, it is important to get involved and discover this reality, they give meaning to the life you lead . My way of conducting and conceiving my life today has changed, from work to everything ”. Closing dedicated to wife, the journalist of SkyTg24 Giovanna Pancheri: “When we met she had been a US correspondent for a year so for three years we went back and forth but distance was never a problem, a difficulty, indeed, the only suffering was that we wanted to live together as much as possible and we did. with the phone. It is not weighed on us that much, it is a very lively, loyal, honest, sincere, passionate love, everything that can be said. Without jealousy or possession, we are adults who love each other and we are still here, happy and married ”.


Ignazio Oliva / “My wife Giovanna Pancheri, loyal, passionate and not jealous love”