The Beatles and India, a lysergic relationship

Director Joy Bose directs this documentary about the Liverpool quartet’s trip to India. In The Beatles and India Archive images and interviews with several of the protagonists of this event follow one another. A brief portrait of the enormous influence of Indian culture on the group’s way of being and making music. For many one … Read more

Living together today: the foundations and the relationship – Regards protestants

If married life was part of the social reality of past centuries, the forms it takes change over time. And it is up to each generation of Christians, in their own culture and environment, to define what living as a couple means concretely. This is not a surprise, because it is the same in many … Read more

The human Barbie in the hospital after a relationship with an Italian: “He was like Rocco Siffredi”

What happens when some Hollywood couples discover their partners are cheating? What are the most famous relationships that have seen their careers end in conjunction with the end of their relationships? But above all, is it right that betrayals affect your career? Hollywood is often seen as the Mount Olympus of cinema and love. Many … Read more

Benedict XVI and Puglia, a profound relationship in the sign of dialogue

Pope Benedict XVI had a deep relationship with Puglia, a region to which he made two pastoral visits. He welcomed all the visiting bishops of the local Churches ad liminaknowing in detail the religious and civil situation, and received with keen interest in the Vatican a warm visit from the people of Puglia. By showing … Read more

“These are epic battles”: Croatian nun highlights relationship between spiritual life and soccer

The Croatian nun Marija Zrno, daughter of the charity of Saint Vincent de Paul and known for her love of soccer, reflected on the relationship between spiritual life and the so-called “beautiful sport”: “They are epic battles.” Interviewed by ACI Prensa, Sister Marija said that “both spiritual life and soccer are epic battles. To be … Read more

Taking care of the planet from the relationship with the transcendent | e

The depredation of the planet is news every day. Large corporations exploit natural resources without limit, without seeing beyond his greed, without thinking about the future, or about others. “Those who have more power, hoard; and the 15% of the richest hoard 80% of the world’s resources,” revealed the mtro. Arturo Gonzalez Gonzalez, S.J.director of … Read more

Pauline Goater: “A freer relationship with God through coaching”

Pauline Goater, a graduate in theology, founded the coaching firm Openings. Why do we tend, especially in the Church, to compartmentalize or even oppose personal development to the spiritual life? Until this question is resolved, the Church, of which we are a part, will resist this rapprochement. The first explanation may lie in the centuries-old … Read more

Review | The Cairo Conspiracy: The Troubled Relationship Between Power and Religion

After the revelation Confidential Cairoreleased on screens in 2017, the selection of the new feature film by Tarik Saleh in Competition at Cannes foreshadowed a nice surprise, the opportunity may be to confirm, or even amplify, the qualities identified in the previous opus. The Cairo Conspiracy (Boy From Heaven) is a political thriller set in … Read more

Inside Bling Empire Kevin Kreider’s Relationship With Devon Diep | Pretty Reel

Bling Empire star Kevin Kreider is no longer single and fans want to know more about his relationship with his girlfriend, Devon Diep. Devon and Kevin had dated in the past and were reunited again by his Bling Empire co-star Christine Chiu. Kevin told Christine he still had feelings for his ex during their trip … Read more

Pope Francis to seminarians: being in relationship with the world

Last Monday Pope Francis spoke with seminarians and priests studying in Rome, answering 10 questions out of 205 proposals, which concerned faith, ranging from the spiritual direction of young priests to the relationship between science and faith with a first question regarding direction spiritual: “Sometimes it is important to be accompanied by someone who knows … Read more