Walking on two legs, a 7 million year old adventure

His name is Sahelanthropus tchadensis, but the public discovered him in 2001 under the name of “the man from Toumaï”. This distant ancestor lived 7 million years ago, and “He is the oldest representative of humanity to date”, says Franck Guy, from the paleontology laboratory of the University of Poitiers. From him have come down … Read more

Marika Ciaccia: “So walking healed me, but I prefer slow sport to competitiveness. It’s for everyone “

He learned to walk twice, Marika Ciacciavery popular travel blogger on social networks and on his page My life in trekauthor of the book Happiness at my feet (Edizioni Terra Santa), environmental hiking guide and trekking organizer: “Yes, I say it every time, but that’s it – he explains without losing his smile -. I … Read more

Domenico Scialla, author of “Walking towards the ocean”: a passionate experimenter of life

Domenico Scialla, journalist and tv commentator – panelist of “Che Succ3de”, the program conducted by Geppi Cucciari – tells the genesis of his latest book: “Walking towards the ocean”, a journey inside and outside our “I”, with unexpected and mysterious results. Is your novel the result of an autobiographical experience? In some respects, yes. It … Read more