A moving play takes the Camino de Santiago to Las Canteras

‘¡Buen Camino!’, an idea by the company Anda que Anda under the direction of Sven Erik Ellund, seeks to surprise and amuse the public by addressing current issues Presentation of the play “Buen camino” The open and moving work’Good way‘ will traverse the environment of the Las Canteras beach of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, … Read more

‘Avatar: the path of water’, an exciting and moving film | radionics

after almost 14 years since the release of the highest-grossing movie in movie history, James Cameron finally opens Avatar: The Way of Watera film that plunges us into the strong waves of the sea of Pandoraleads us to tame the skies together with the Bansheesand brings us closer to the complex problems of Na’vito the … Read more

Criticism of “The Whale”, Brendan Fraser is moving in this irregular story of redemption (Los Cabos 2022)

“The Whale” It features the elements that have, in one way or another, defined Darren Aronofsky’s career: self-destruction, damaged people, biblical obsession, tension, the return of a great actor, and a direction that will inevitably be divisive. Adapted from the play by Samuel D. Hunter, “The Whale” follows, over five days, Charlie (Brendan Fraser), a … Read more

Luciano Castro revealed the moving talk in which Gerardo Rozín confided in him about his terminal illness

Written in SHOWS the 6/10/2022 08:58 a.m. Luciano Castro He is the current protagonist of the good retirement, the series of Flow Contents that is breaking it for its attractive story and the luxury cast that composes it. There, the actor is the son of Mirta Busnelliwho brings her best friends to live in her … Read more