A moving play takes the Camino de Santiago to Las Canteras

‘¡Buen Camino!’, an idea by the company Anda que Anda under the direction of Sven Erik Ellund, seeks to surprise and amuse the public by addressing current issues

Presentation of the play “Buen camino”

The open and moving work’Good way‘ will traverse the environment of the Las Canteras beach of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, bringing the experience of Camino de Santiago in Gran Canaria and combining current affairs with a cast of local and international actors.

This was announced in a statement by the councilor of the Isleta-Puerto-Guanarteme District, Luis Zamoranowhich has detailed that the objective is “to bring art and theater closer to all the residents of the district” in a commitment to “culture at street level”.

‘Buen Camino!’, an idea of ​​the Anda que Anda company under the directed by Sven Erik Ellundseeks to surprise and amuse the public with six walkers that give life to a modern text that talks about current issues such as illness, sexual identity, love and spirituality.

Five scenarios for the play “Buen Camino”

Images of the presentation of the play ‘Buen Camino’

With the aim of publicizing this route, in the dynamic formula of ‘Buen camino’ both actors and passers-by will walk together through the six stages, five scenarios and four displacements.

These stages will contemplate spaces such as Las Canteras, such as the Fernando Sagaseta Square, the Pablo Martín Madera Square in Playa Chica, the Square attached to the spa, the Suso Mariategui Square and the Saulo Torón Square.

There will be a total of four performances of 60 minutes each, the March 17 and 18as well as the April 14 and 15beginning the show at 7:00 p.m. in the Fernando Sagaseta Square.

The screenwriter and president of the Anda que Anda Association, Nicoletta Cristina Pennatihas expressed that the cast is made up of “amateurs with passion and competence” who want to “use theater as an innovative, original and fun way to make the public known about the Camino de Santiago Canary and, through him, the heart of our Gran Canaria».

In this work they will represent the sea and the coast, as well as mountains, mountains and forests» in a proposal that they expect to be able to represent in all the cities of Gran Canaria and on the other islands, on the peninsula and even abroad.

For her part, the actress Ruth Silver Leon, has said that ‘Good Way! The Camino de Santiago between volcanoes’ is “an even more interactive and street theatrical form” that will make the public “relate to the actors as they go from one stage to another.”

A special feature of the text is that accentuates aspects of the islandits beauty and its aboriginal history represented by a group of actors of different origins, both in the Canary Islands and in the rest of the Spanish territory, as well as interpreters from France, Ukraine and Senegal.

Data sheet

Gender: comedy

Duration: 60 minutes

Company: Come on

Address: Sven Erik Ellund

Script: Nicoletta Cristina Pennati

Distribution: Belinda Hernández García, Maryna Mezhuyeva, Ruth Plata León, José Luis Palomo Arellano, Olivier Arroyo, Ahmet Diop Wade, Ángel Gonzales Lorenzo, Antonio Javier Álamo Godoy

Music: Mario Suárez Coronet, José Luis Hernández, Ancor Machin Loyance

Scenography: Liberty Reyes Torollo

Graphics and Image: Olivier Arroyo, Cristina Padovani

Video: Olivier Arroyo, Igor Assandri

Promotion and Organization: Nicoletta Cristina Pennati, president of the Anda que Anda Association

A moving play takes the Camino de Santiago to Las Canteras