A moving play takes the Camino de Santiago to Las Canteras

‘¡Buen Camino!’, an idea by the company Anda que Anda under the direction of Sven Erik Ellund, seeks to surprise and amuse the public by addressing current issues Presentation of the play “Buen camino” The open and moving work’Good way‘ will traverse the environment of the Las Canteras beach of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, … Read more

The Maltese Way, the Camino de Santiago also passes through Malta

The Santiago’s roadone of the oldest pilgrimage routes in the world, is very much alive, so much so that it has just opened a new route that connects the paradisiacal Maltese archipelago with the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela, it is the maltese way. If the perennial rise of the Camino de Santiago shows us … Read more

“The inner path”: a transformative journey that runs along the Camino de Santiago

Movistar Plus+ premieres the inner patha transformative journey with Miguel Angel Tobias, who directs and conducts this 16-stage journey that covers the Camino de Santiago from León to Compostela and Finisterre. In each episode, he will accompany tobias a prominent personality recognized for helping others transform their lives. Premiere in Movistar Plus+ Saturday July 16th … Read more

A study proposes taking advantage of the Korean boom on the Camino de Santiago

HBN. Korean boom of the Camino de Santiago. Incredible, it can be classified, the expectation that the Camino de Santiago arouses in a tourist group so distant, culturally and kilometrically, as is the Korean. Korea provides a large number of pilgrims, almost always, endowed with a high purchasing power. For this reason, Luis Bejarano, creator … Read more

¿Qué hacer en Santiago este fin de semana? Panoramas y eventos recomendados

¿No sabes qué hacer en Santiago este fin de semana? Entonces ponle ojo a esta selección de panoramas para sacarle provecho a los días de descanso. Foto: GAM Aunque recién parte el mes de diciembre, el centro cultural GAM ya está adelantando la Navidad. Eso, porque en conjunto con una empresa de seguros decidió hacer un regalo … Read more

Hiking tourism, success for the LAG of Sardinia in Santiago de Compostela

An intimate and authentic experience to discover unique places from a spiritual, landscape and cultural point of view, in a land in the Santiago de Compostela Spainwhere hospitality is considered sacred, where ‘slow’ tourism can be a strong inspiration for Sardinia which aims at authentic hospitality. So nature, culture and spirituality are the cornerstones of … Read more

Convent of San Francisco de la Alameda: Witness to the history of Santiago de Chile

On October 23, the Jubilee Year and plenary indulgence began for all those who visit this oasis in the heart of the Chilean capital, whose first foundations are over 400 years old. In the heart of the Alameda, in front of the emblematic “Huelén” or “Santa Lucía” hill, the “Convento de San Francisco” remains stoic, … Read more

The legends of the Camino de Santiago that not all pilgrims know

According to The Seven Games of Alfonso X the Wise and Dante’s Vita nuova there were three ways of pilgrimage: by will, vote and penance. In the 21st century there is one more: the magical and legendary. And it is that he Santiago’s road It is an alchemical process in which the traveler-pilgrim, like an … Read more

SOCIETY / The Order of the Camino de Santiago has invested ten new knights and ladies during its Extraordinary Chapter held in Seville

The Order of Santiago, born in 1170 by order of King Ferdinand II of León, has celebrated in Seville, under the organization of its Commander in Andalusia, Ana de La Peña Fernandez-Garmelo, the investiture of ten new members, as well as the delivery of the Gold Medal of the Institution to the mayor of the … Read more