‘Avatar: the path of water’, an exciting and moving film | radionics

after almost 14 years since the release of the highest-grossing movie in movie history, James Cameron finally opens Avatar: The Way of Watera film that plunges us into the strong waves of the sea of Pandoraleads us to tame the skies together with the Bansheesand brings us closer to the complex problems of Na’vito the point that we come to feel them as ours.

The movie of 3 hours and 12 minutes duration is, as promised, a amazing visual show that leaves viewers immersed in the details of each animal, each plant, each culture and idiosyncrasy that is shown.

Although the first installment, of the now saga, has aged excellently, this new film does not disappoint in the graphic section; the CGI is taken to such a level that the characters never feel like computer-generated artifices, instead blending into the human textures so organically that they seem to have always existed in our reality.

In this way, Cameron manages to expand the world that he had already created and delights us with beautiful images of sentient animals that move us; of resplendent spiritual species; of a lively and intelligent nature that they call Eywa; and he visually narrates the complexity of the inhabitants of that planet.

This is how we see the two main characters again, Jake and Neytiriwho more than a decade after the events of the first film must face, together with their children, the new problems that haunt them, fighting personal and family battles to stay safe and united.

The feeling of not fitting in; of not being enough; the incessant paternal struggle to guide and unite the family; In addition to a deep pain of loss, these are some of the emotions transmitted by each of the characters, whose stories unfold throughout the film, making us feel identified with their lives and setbacks.

This sequel has the same backbone as the first: a population invading an alien community, destroying everything in its path; however, the crux that gives the plot a twist is the tacit invitation to rethink the speciesist paradigm in which we have insisted on living, despite animal suffering.

Here animals and people They are brothers, they are one. The concerns, desires and pains of all animals have the same importance and prominence as those of bipeds.

The film, then, shakes us emotionally to inoculate us with the questions: why the petty insistence of human beings in believing themselves superior to other animals? Shouldn’t we cohabit this plane looking for mutual well-being, mitigating everyone’s pain to a greater extent?

Avatar: The Way of Waterwill undoubtedly be the film of the year, not only because of its innovative technology and technique, nor because it is refreshing to see something different among so many of the same, but because it makes us reflect on issues that have been left aside.

It was worth the long wait!

‘Avatar: the path of water’, an exciting and moving film | radionics