Criticism of “The Whale”, Brendan Fraser is moving in this irregular story of redemption (Los Cabos 2022)

“The Whale” It features the elements that have, in one way or another, defined Darren Aronofsky’s career: self-destruction, damaged people, biblical obsession, tension, the return of a great actor, and a direction that will inevitably be divisive. Adapted from the play by Samuel D. Hunter, “The Whale” follows, over five days, Charlie (Brendan Fraser), a … Read more

West Side Story and hidden spirituality in a world without redemption

We celebrate 60 years of West Side Story by analyzing how hidden spirituality and religious references open it to a different reading of the ending. West Side Story isn’t a film about religion, but it almost wasn’t. Jerome Robbins’ initial project was intended to be an adaptation of Romeo and Juliet in which the clashes … Read more

‘Unes abraçades insuportablement llargues’: lives on the edge in search of redemption

Ivan Viripaiev, Russian, from Siberia, staunch opponent of Vladimir Putin, so much so that he has renounced his nationality in favor of Polish citizenship. This is the biographical record of one of the values ​​of the new dramaturgy of the country of his birth. He has found access to the Catalan scene at the door … Read more