Mario Tozzi, a geologist in defense of the environment

Credit photo© International Journalism Festival / Wikimedia Commons Biography of a science communicator Each of us lives on his skin what happens when balances of nature are shocked: by climate changes that deprive us of rain for months, up to the pandemic originating from the contact between humans and wild species. It is precisely in … Read more

DON MARIO BRICEÑO – IRAGORRI Y LA IDENTIDAD TRUJILLANA | Por: Francisco González Cruz • Diario de Los Andes, noticias de Los Andes, Trujillo, Táchira y Mérida


    “No os dejéis aplastar por el mundo ni su avance, marchad con él, pero siempre volviendo la mirada hacia el pasado para escuchar la voz antigua de la tierra, que nos nutra la savia de las raíces dormidas en lo más profundo de nuestra región. No olvidéis rescatar lo nuestro para poder proyectarnos … Read more

The Door in the eyes of Don Mario / By Oswaldo Manrique • Diario de Los Andes, news from Los Andes, Trujillo, Táchira and Mérida


This year marks the 125th anniversary of the birth of teacher Mario Briceño Iragorry, who still continues to teach us. Many of them are of closeness, of gentile rejoicing, of Andean intellectual and cultural expression, and of decency and dignity. We are in a propitious turn to meet again in the assessment of the thick … Read more

Vanni Santoni, The truth about everything by Mario Barenghi


Among the many possible styles to choose the title of a novel, one of the most evocative is the antifrastic one. Exemplary cases, Mrs Bovary (the role the protagonist is reluctant to adapt to) or The unbearable lightness of being by Milan Kundera, an illustration (as someone once said) of the unbearable heaviness of living. … Read more

The healing of a doctor, Mario Tangari and the mystery of Natuzza


Mario Tangari’s book “Natuzza Evolo. The healing of a doctor between science and mysticism ”. To discuss it, together with the author, during a meeting moderated by the journalist Clemente Angotti and opened by the greetings of the mayor of Taverna Sebastiano Tarantino, the journalist Pino Nano, already sent and editor-in-chief of the Tgr Calabria … Read more

“I fatti di Livari” di Mario Soldano, un viaggio nella memoria e nell’identità


“I fatti di Livari”, esordio come narratore di Mario Soldano, è stato presentato a Moladi, località dove sono ambientate le vicende dei personaggi (martedì 9 agosto). Grande partecipazione della comunità che si è riscoperta protagonista della loro storia. Un intenso sentimento nostalgico si è generato nell’autore e nei suoi compagni e amici con momenti di … Read more

Mario Antonio Sandoval Samayoa and his exploration in the idiomatic world of Asturias


Within a mass of cold tones overlaps the peaceful face of a character with a dark complexion, which, at the same time, is altered with fractions of apparent “b-sides” that reveal the face of a Devil. The image -painted by the artist María José Rivera- was an idea developed by the writer and journalist Mario … Read more