The mystery of Caravaggio, in a premiere of the Ballet del Colón

This Sunday, May 28, the Teatro Colón Ballet, directed by Mario Galizzi, will stage the play caravaggio a creation of Italian choreographer Mauro Bigonzetti, who originally premiered it in Berlin in 2008. In 2022 Bigonzetti had mounted with the Contemporary Ballet of the Teatro San Martín his Cantataa very beautiful and extremely festive work inspired … Read more

Las Juanas: this is how the protagonists look 25 years after the premiere of the telenovela

‘Las Juanas’ was one of the soap operas that marked Colombian television over time, due to the particular story it told. This production was released in 1997 and has already had several versions in different countries.such as ‘Daughters of the moon’, ‘The mark of desire’ and the most recent was a Netflix project that was … Read more

The White Lotus: when does the third season premiere and what will it be about?

HBO has delighted fans with some of the best series of the year. One of those titles is undoubtedly The White Lotusthe series created by Mike White. The first season of The White Lotus premiered in July 2021 and quickly became a hit. It was then that HBO confirmed the second season, which just a … Read more

Sam Waterston and the return of “Law and Order”: “It was like putting on very familiar clothes” | The series will premiere in Argentina through Universal TV

“In the criminal justice system, the people are represented by two separate but equally important teams. The police, who investigate crimes, and the district attorneys, who prosecute criminals. These are their stories.” Just by reading these words, the average viewer not only knows what program it is about, but also mentally hears them (in English) … Read more


“In the auditorium of the Sanctuary of San Giovanni Rotondo and in the Vatican the launch of the film by the New York director with Shia Labeouf” the announcement of the mayor Michele Crisetti. The event is organized by the Municipality of San Giovanni Rotondo, in collaboration with the Capuchin Friars, the Archdiocese and Interlinea … Read more

First reactions of Avatar 2: The way of the water | CINEMA PREMIERE

On the occasion of the world premiere of Avatar 2: The path of watersince this Tuesday the first reactions of this anticipated sequel began to circulate, once again directed by the legendary James Cameron. It should be remembered that thirteen years have passed since the first Avatar will hit theaters to introduce us to the … Read more

Blogs | At the premiere of ‘Astolfo’ I met Gianni Di Gregorio: director and actor, I love all his films

My husband Renato and I are passionate about Gianni Di Gregorio, director and actor, and we have watched and loved all of his films. We often told ourselves that we would like to meet him, but we didn’t know how this could happen, since knowing more about him it was not possible. In fact, doing … Read more

The second season of ‘Buscando a Dios’ will premiere on History 2

The channel created by the demand of viewers who wanted to know much more about topics related to history, History 2, shared that in the programming of the biggest week (Easter), the most watched series returns: looking for godOn this occasion, the second season will be screened. Within the framework of the week in which … Read more

Artissunch with “Preziose ridiculouse” makes its world premiere in Ascoli: «Benedicta Boccoli and Lorenza Mario are two talents»

LISTENING – An important debut, because it sees the director and performer Stefano Artissunch return to inaugurate the path of one of his shows from his city, Ascoli. And then because the operation undertaken appears absolutely courageous in adopting the formula of “theatre within the theatre” with the comic genius of Molière. The staging residence … Read more