Farewell to Don Mario Carlin, the priest passed away at 100: “ We will always be indebted to him, a pioneer who founded the Bellunesi association in the world ”

BELLUNO. He died at 100 don Mario Carlina priest who spent himself in various capacities in the service of church of Belluno-Feltre and founder ofBellunesi association in the world.

Born in Sedico in 1922, Don Carlin was for 27 years canon penitentiary of the S. Martino cathedralbut before that he carried out the pastoral office in the parishes of Fortogna, San Pietro di Cadore, Gron, Limana And Paderno di S. Gregorio in the Alpsas well as Delegate for emigration and consecrated lifeassistant to various spirituality groups, including the Montfortian Diocesan Movement, and director for 29 years, from the first issue of 1994, of the magazine “Humilitas Pope Luciani”, Organ of the homonymous Center of Spirituality of Col Cumano.

And Don Mario highlights the intense activity he has always carried out in favor of the Bellunesi association in the world. In a meeting in 2016 for the half-century of this reality, Don Carlin recalled the beginnings of the adventure in the world of emigration: “It was the month of January 1966 when we founded the then association of emigrants from Belluno. A reality that had to be born in order to die soon. Reaching our 50th anniversary, on the other hand, makes us understand that his destiny was different. The ABM is now a constituent element of the social life of our community and is constantly growing “.

The priest held the position of deputy editor of the magazine “Bellunesi nel mondo” for many years. “Don Mario – he comments Oscar De Bona, president of ABM – remained a lucid and tenacious witness of that small patrol of ‘visionaries’ who believed in our adventure in the mid-1960s. “In the magazine he continually poured the fruit of his experience as a tireless ‘seeker’ of Belluno emigrants in various European countries course of long and exhausting journeys from one city to another.pioneer‘alongside lay leaders who have’ crossed ‘the history of the ABM for several decades “.

Among his editorial achievements, then, we must remember the book of the twentieth anniversary of the ABM, written jointly with the editor of the monthly “Bellunesi in the world“, Dino Briddaand a touching biography of Angelina Zampieri, a very young victim of brutal murder and today a candidate for canonization. Many articles are added.

“We will always be indebted to him”, concludes De Bona. “He was the founder of our Association and has always brought great enthusiasm and the pride of being from Bellunoeven in the most remote corner of this globe ” honorary president Gioachino Bratti: “I had a very intimate relationship with Don Mario, also because I knew him long before I joined ABM, when he was first chaplain in Longarone and then parish priest of Fortogna. A person of great spirituality, severe and precise”.

The funeral will be celebrated on Monday 7 November, at 3 pm, in Belluno Cathedral. The Bellunesi in the world association, in addition to guaranteeing the presence with its own banner, will broadcast the live broadcast of the funeral ceremony on the YouTube channel and on the ABM Facebook page.

“Don Mario contributed to founding that bond that united thousands of Belluno people scattered and abandoned throughout the world at the time, giving them the hope of seeing their native land and feeling important for the example set with their industriousness and commitment. of daily fatigue abroad “, concludes the honorary president Maurizio Paniz.

Farewell to Don Mario Carlin, the priest passed away at 100: “ We will always be indebted to him, a pioneer who founded the Bellunesi association in the world ”