In Lyon, the “Concorde et solidarité” group creates its prize

For Florence Delaunay, the objective is clear: “Show that the secularism is not synonymous with indifference, but on the contrary a way of conceiving dialogue and exchange, with respect, between the different religions as well as with the rest of society! » Deputy Mayor of Lyons in charge of rights and equality, memory, worship and spirituality, the elected official is delighted to see dozens of young people from different spiritual backgrounds converging on the town hall, this Monday, November 21. The reason ? The launch of the “Concorde et solidarité” prize, which aims to reward their most civic-minded initiatives.

The approach has its origins in the heart of the Lyon authority of the same name, which has brought together the mayor and the various heads of worship for twenty years.

In April 2002, the day after an attack on the Duchere synagogue, the former city councilor Gérard Collomb brought together the chief rabbi, the rector of the Great Mosque, the administrator of the diocese and the president of the Reformed Church, to demonstrate their desire to improve relations between the communities and to build a common future. Since then, this informal group called “Concorde et solidarité” meets once a year and makes itself heard, in particular, in times of tension or threats to social peace, such as in the aftermath of the 2015 attacks.

The new municipality claims to want to confirm and display, in particular to families, the two initial vocations: “the attachment of religions to the Republic and the right of citizenship of all believers, as well as those who are not”.

Building a “positive” secular framework

Religious youth associations and movements – “or not” specifies the elected official – have until March 31, 2023 to submit their candidacy around a project they have initiated in the territory. This should aim “general interest” of the community but can come from various universes: that of culture, such as the creation of a show, of the defense of rights, such as an action to promote equality between men and women, or even education, the environment, the social field… On one condition, however: it must not be strictly religious, as a shared prayer group would be.

Objective: to show young people under 30 that they can grow up in a positive secular environment, “by reminding them of the benefits of the role of religions in society and by giving everyone the feeling of belonging to a community”, assures Florence Delaunay.

A diploma awarded to each

The municipality, which is responsible for organizing the prize, from the first invitations to the award evening, including the creation of forms and communication videos, is planning a first edition before the summer of 2023. According to the will of the authority which wishes to generate no competition between religions, the reward should take the form of highlighting the projects and a diploma awarded to the bearers, “the main thing is to bring these young people together, in a city that has historically created favorable soil”, emphasizes the chosen one.

In Lyon, the “Concorde et solidarité” group creates its prize