‘My encounter with evil’, the Mexican Netflix series made with Colombian talent that premieres this October 28

This Friday, October 28, one of the choices to end Halloween and the month of terror is my encounter with evila Netflix docuseries of Mexican stories produced by pure Colombian talent. This documentary series is directed by directors Ramiro García Bogliano, Adrián García Bogliano and Carlos Meléndez. It has four chapters in which it presents … Read more

Full Moon in Aries in October 2022: spiritual and astrological meanings

⁠The Sunday October 9, 2022 the full moon of the month, with the Sun in Libra and the full moon in aries. The Sun in Libra is conjunct Venusruling planet of Libra and of this season, and in harmonic aspect to Saturn in Aquarius. What are their spiritual and astrological meanings. Every time you form … Read more

From fear to recognition | Homily of October 9, 2022 at…

Leprosy arouses in everyone a more or less controlled fear. Without necessarily having seen a person with this disease up close, popular imagery or photos are enough to create reluctance and even a feeling of repulsion. The fear of contagion is established and never would we spontaneously think of the desire to approach a leper. … Read more

How does the quarter moon in Aquarius affect the signs, this October 31 for Halloween?

The October 31, Halloween or the night of the witches, is characterized by being magical. This year coincides with crescent moonwhich has energy of renewal and will strongly affect some signs of the zodiac, since they will experience changes in the personal sphere or in life as a couple. According to the Spanish astrologer Hope … Read more

INTERVIEW. Carlo Acutis “model for young people who seek authenticity and transparency”. Sunday 16 October mass in Alife • Clarus

The monument to Carlo Acutis at the Sanctuary of the Madonna della Grazia in Alife On 12 October the Catholic Church recalled the blessed Carlo Acutisthe young man who died in 2006 at just 15 years old, proclaimed blessed in 2020 whose remains rest in Assisi at the Sanctuary of the Undressing. For some time … Read more

What saint is celebrated today: onomastics this Monday, October 31

Decades ago, one could even speak of centuries, parents used to assign their children’s first names according to the feast of the saints of that day, even among Catholics and Orthodox the custom of congratulating people on the day of Your saint. Not in vain in the famous “Mañanitas” there is a stanza that says: … Read more

October 9, 2022 Full Moon or Hunter’s Full Moon: In Search of Balance

Any full moon is a time when two opposing and therefore complementary forces come face to face, in powerful focus. This is why they are often felt very intensely. This also means that there are two ways to live this peak of the lunation cycle: either by undergoing the tensions present, or by taking advantage … Read more

What to do in Turin this week: events from 31 October to 4 November 2022

Reading time: 3 minutes What events will there be this week in Turin?Here are the main events scheduled in the city from Monday 31 October to Friday 4 November 2022. Start the Turin Art Week with a number of contemporary art fairs in the city. Not only this week will be a good opportunity to … Read more

Pisces October 31, 2022, today the free daily horoscope of fortune tellers in Alicante, expresses that Pisces deceives you

– Advertisement – The daily horoscope for Monday, October 31, 2022, has great predictions for this very special zodiac sign, life will happen in Pisces, if it does what it is supposed to do, and today you must be smart and act existentially. Discover all the divine messages that are right for you todayreading this … Read more