Extreme sports in the spotlight with the film Human Extrem

The Olympia cinema will broadcast “Human Extrem”, a film produced and directed by Thierry Donard, on Thursday November 24. Dijon is the 16th stage of a tour that will amaze you.

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Going to the end of one’s entrenchments is a human value, but it’s not given to everyone, especially if it takes us to places with extreme conditions… Those who are capable of it fascinate us and the film Human Extreme succeeds in capturing our attention.

Human Extreme is the story of a dozen people who tell of their passion for their daredevil sport. From skiing to freediving, including snowboarding and surfing, these are the sports that define them and follow their lives. We discover people with souls cradled by passion: Wadeck Gorak, Rory Bushfield, Valentin Delluc, Lea Board, Krister Kopala, Camila Jabel, Joan Duru, Maud Le Car, Marc La Comare and Benjamin Sanchis.

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World champions, Olympic champions, born competitors… but above all lifelong enthusiasts who give themselves up. All having de beautiful messages to convey to us, whether on the dangers of their work, on the environment and the responsibility of all to protect nature, on the spirituality of the places where they take us. All talk about their lives, the hardships they have had to go through, but also their goals to always improve and surpass themselves.

Throughout the duration of the feature film, we accompany each professional in his passion, while worrying if he ever gets hurt… The fault of the director who knows how to keep us in suspense with the silences, the choice of music and the immersive camera ” in the eyes of the athlete.

More than a sport: it’s their work, a way of life and a philosophy that is conveyed through the screen.

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The director has managed the feat of showing breathtaking landscapes, from the snowy mountain to the depths of the water, in the details of nature, which leaves room for the silences and appeasement it provides but also for its dangerousness and unpredictability.

In the Canadian, Norwegian and French mountainsto Mexico in the cetoces Holy, in the Atlantic Ocean and its Landes waves in France, the camera has the gift of capturing what the human eye cannot see: the play of light, the precision of the snowflakes, the opacity of the water where you can barely see the bodies of the swimmers; a whole symphony which is perfectly orchestrated.

The Night Of The Slide (NDG) is a production directed by Thierry Donard, a lover of extreme sports. With his films, he wants to make us aware of the beauty of nature and the need to preserve it (being an eyewitness to climate change). For ten years the NDG has been interested in the stories of extreme sport and those who live it, recognized work in Europe.

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Extreme sports in the spotlight with the film Human Extrem – J’aime Dijon