More attention to extreme events, but newspapers and TV hide those responsible for the climate crisis

Despite a summer plagued by extreme events, the climate crisis continues to find little space in newspapers and on television and is told by the Italian media as if it were not responsible, as proof of theenormous influence exerted by the fossil fuel industry on the world of information. This is what emerges from new … Read more

Politics, economy, climate… The predictions of a clairvoyant for the year 2023

2022 is coming to an end. Punctuated by elections – both legislative and presidential -, inflation or even drought, It’s been a busy year… With its share of good news, but also bad news. Does its little sister, 2023, have so many twists in store for us? Even more, assures us Jean-Didier, seer and medium. … Read more

Catholics in the Climate Emergency: Sharing the Hope for Change

The webinar promoted by the European Alliance Laudato si’ proposes ideas and solutions to optimize the role of the Church in the context of the environmental crisis. The president of the Jesuit Justice and Ecology Network Africa association, Father Charles Chilufya: “We live on a limited planet, but our hearts are infinite” Edoardo Giribaldi – … Read more

Ecology: the fanatics of the climate Apocalypse

In his work on The intellectual origins of Leninism (Gallimard), the historian Alain Besançon had this famous formula: “Lenin does not know that he believes. He thinks he knows. » Wondering about the nature of modern political ideologies, he noticed that they combined two usually opposite characteristics: belief and knowledge. As knowledge, they claimed to … Read more

German scientists and theologians join scientific rebellion over climate inaction

“Save creation” from climate catastrophe is the cry of prominent figures from the German Catholic Church who have joined the scientific rebellion in Munich calling for a new alliance between science and faith. Alberto Coronel/Agnes Delage To the cry of “Save creation!”, relevant figures of the German Catholic Church have joined the campaign of civil … Read more

Climate: “Brazil ready to play the leading roles again”, says Lula

The president-elect on Sunday spoke of the Amazon, where deforestation and fires have increased sharply under the mandate of Jair Bolsonaro. SourceAFP Published on 10/31/2022 at 07:02 – Modified 10/31/2022 at 10:13 a.m. Link copied Copy link I subscribe to 1€ the 1st month ” Brazil is back! launched President-elect Lula, advocating “peace and unity” … Read more

Bruno Latour, thinker of the “new climate regime”, is dead

Bruno Latour, in Paris, in January 2022. YANNICK LABROUSSE The sociologist, anthropologist and philosopher Bruno Latour died on the night of Saturday October 8 to Sunday October 9 at the age of 75, in Paris, learned The world from family sources and La Découverte editions. He is one of the most important French intellectuals of … Read more

Social ecology. Milpamerica resists, living solutions to the climate crisis

Latin American Summary, October 11, 2022. People belonging to indigenous and black peoples in Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador are organizing to face the climate crisis in the region, publishing narrative actions between October 10 and 14. A few weeks before COP27, they make a call to listen to the voices of indigenous and … Read more

They ask to include indigenous knowledge in climate policies

Study indicates that indigenous leaders should be prioritized in decision-making and commitments on climate and environment worldwide. Source: Servindi. A new international report argues that ancestral and indigenous wisdom is extremely useful to address climate change compared to Western methodologies that have been applied. The document called “Intangible Cultural Heritage Diverse Knowledge Systems, and Climate … Read more

Avatar returns to theaters in a climate of nostalgia and expectation

In one of the central scenes of Avatar, James Cameron’s (Sam Worthington) Jack Sully gazes at the world around him in awe. He travels in a spaceship around the floating mountains of the fictional world of Pandora and the scenery couldn’t be more stunning. You should see your face, pilot Trudy Chacon (Michelle Rodriguez) says … Read more