“La Planète sauvage”, comment ce film de science

Des aliens géants à la peau bleue sur une planète très lointaine, ça n’est pas Avatar de  James Cameron mais La Planète sauvage, véritable OVNI du cinéma français sorti en 1973, signé René Laloux et  Roland Topor. Une fable poétique et politique qui a influencé les plus grands réalisateurs d’animation, comme  Miyazaki. Pour Xavier Kawa-Topor, spécialiste … Read more

A talk on science, spirituality and metal with Epica’s Mark Jansen | radionics

The presentation of epic in Rock to the Park 2022 was like his name. Without a doubt, this will be one of the most remembered shows in the festival’s history due to the dazzling staging of this band from the Netherlands that came out amid fire and euphoria to show all the strength of their … Read more

Interaction between science and spirituality: the mended tear

It is common thought that science and spirituality live at the antipodes. Science is seen as a discipline capable of measuring phenomena and spirituality is instead linked to feeling, which is not measurable but can be experienced. In life the two planes are integrated. For example, we can measure the weight and height of a … Read more

Science, spirituality, carbohydrates: Stabber and Gaia talk about ‘Fé’ | Rolling Stone Italy

On the one hand science, on the other spirituality. This is perhaps the simplest way to describe two personalities as close but distant as Stabber, one of the most esteemed Italian producers, and Gaia, Italian-Brazilian pop star with international ambition. Together the two found themselves, having lunch and animatedly discussing the great themes of life, … Read more

Is there anyone in the afterlife? We ask the expert: “Current science is useful, but it cannot explain everything”

dwhat do you do? Of several things. I have a BA in Philosophy and a PhD in Indological Studies. So I deal with Sanskrit, Indology, Culture of India. As a writer, I also do creative writing. In 2014, in Padua, where I live, I attended the master’s degree “Death Studies and the End of Life, … Read more

The new age: a mix of UFOs, science, spirituality

follow this blog When the human being develops depending on the external: the issue of UFOs did not escape planetary programming. It could not be otherwise. It is in the hands of human beings. A human being who immersed himself in the systemic world without any doubt, without questions, endorsing the tools, the dialectical utensils, … Read more

The names of god and the color of the universe: the Vincenzo D’Argenio exhibition, between spirituality and science

On the occasion of the art week in Bologna, from 12 to 15 May 2022, Vincent D’Argenio (Benevento, 1982) presents “RICOGNAZIONE”, an exhibition, with a critical text by Silvia Delevatiborn from the collaboration with The Circle of Libya in via Libia, historic association that operates in the fields of hospitality and culture based in via … Read more

“With Louis Pasteur, we discover that ‘a lot of science’ leads back to God”

“A little science leads away from God; a lot of science goes back to that. » Francis Bacon, English philosopher of the Renaissance, is at the origin of this thought (1) enigmatic by its simplicity and its symmetry. On December 27, we will celebrate the bicentenary of the birth, in 1822, of Louis Pasteur, who … Read more

“Matres et Coqui”, the director of Political Science among the snapshots of the calendar

Professional profile and art, culture and territory, tailoring and high-ranking food and wine, interprets this and much more “Matres et Coqui”, the 2023 edition of Salvio Parisi’s calendar, now in its tenth edition, in the wake of philosophy Fashion&Food which, for some time, has highlighted the artistic riches of Terra di Lavoro and Campania, primarily … Read more