Died Saturday, Daniel Lévi is buried this Sunday: why the funeral takes place the next day?

The funeral of the singer must take place at the Jewish cemetery Saint-Pierre in Marseille, this Sunday, at 2:30 p.m. The singer had colon cancer, a disease he made public in 2019. Photo Bertrand GUAY / AFP Published: August 7, 2022 at 2:01 p.m. Reading time: 3 mins Singer Daniel Levi, known for his role … Read more

The dictatorship of Daniel Ortega in Nicaragua threatens to arrest a bishop: he accuses him of committing “sins against spirituality”

The Ortega dictatorship in Nicaragua threatens to arrest a bishop: he accuses him of committing “sins against spirituality” The Nicaraguan bishop, Rolando Alvareza critic of the government of Daniel Ortega, denounced this Friday that he continues for the second consecutive day locked up in his curia due to the police siege, despite the vocation of … Read more

Dayna Goldfine and Daniel Geller take an emotional journey through the life of Leonard Cohen

When Dayna Goldfine Y daniel geller decided that to tell the story of Leonard Cohen They would do it through one of their most emblematic songs, they could not imagine the whirlwind of emotions and revelations that they would give to the followers of the Canadian singer who died in December 2016. Hallelujah: Leonard Cohen, … Read more

Nicaraguan dictator Daniel Ortega sent a letter of solidarity to Cristina Kirchner after the conviction for corruption

Rosario Murillo and Daniel Ortega The Nicaraguan dictator Daniel Ortega; and his wife Rosario Murilloexpressed their solidarity with the vice president of Argentina, Cristina Kirchner, after being sentenced to six years in prison for corruption. Through a brief letter, they expressed their support for Argentine politics. “Cristina, Compañera: to you, with admiration, respect and affection, … Read more

Daniel G. Garza touches hearts as he bears his testimony as a person living with HIV

have been diagnosed with Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV)in September 2000, made the life of Daniel Garza would change radically. A rejection that began in his own home, it also led him to plunge into excessive drug and alcohol consumption, since he had already given up everything, including his own life. Son of a conservative family, … Read more

Director Daniel Stamm on exorcisms | Pretty Reel

ComingSoon editor Tyler Treese spoke with Prey for the Devil director Daniel Stamm. Stamm explained why he returned for a new exorcism film and his method for creating a strong female character. Prey for the Devil is now playing in theaters. “Sister Ann believes she answers a call to be the first female exorcist… but … Read more

Daniel Habif: the speaker who heals souls with his words arrived in Peru

Daniel Habif: the speaker who heals souls with his words and comforts the heart Daniel Habif He achieved success with his videos where he invites people to be a better person full of positivism and gives us tips to achieve happiness. With his messages he heals souls and with his words he comforts wounded hearts … Read more

Cobra Kai: Why Ralph Macchio wanted a different fate for Daniel

Ralph Macchio talks about how he feels about Daniel LaRusso’s life as an adult and admits that’s not the story he would have written for the character. Ralph Macchio, who plays Daniel LaRusso in the Karate Kid films and the Cobra Kai series, was unconvinced of Daniel’s fate as an adult. The actor first played … Read more

Daniel Obasi, Lagos Artillery

The Nigerian photographer unveils his first book, published by Louis Vuitton in the Fashion Eye collection, where surrealism and freedom blow on a “black” fashion which, for several years, has been emancipated and invested in international fashion. “Transcending the wonders and vagaries of the present while imagining a future based on dreams and activism.” This … Read more

The shooting of the film “Madame Luna”, directed by Daniel Espinosa, has begun in Calabria

COSENZA – Political elections will be held on 25 September for the renewal of Parliament. The disputed will be 400 seats in the Chamber and 200 in the Senate. In all 19 parliamentarians who will be elected in Calabria including 13 deputies and 6 senators. At 8 pm on Sunday evening in Calabria 7 lists … Read more