The spirituality of Sant’Alfonso Maria de’ Liguori and the deep bond with Scala

The French writer Andre GideNobel Prize for Literature in 1947, defined Ladder “an almost metaphysical escalier, which takes you to the top and keeps you suspended in infinite contemplation”. It was right in the oldest village on the Amalfi Coast that Saint Alphonsus Maria de’ Liguori, bishop and doctor of the church, found his spiritual … Read more

Three historical routes to discover the deep American footprints of Madrid

The Community of Madrid has a long and enriching history shared with the American continent, forged over centuries of movement of people, knowledge and goods from the other side of the Atlantic. This constant back and forth flow is essential to achieve a rich and complex understanding of the current configuration of the region. But … Read more

Deep Britain. “A new religion: that of green spirituality”

By Jean Michel Fournier Published on 20 Nov 22 at 6:30 PM The Morbihan Center Gazette See my news Follow this media Christophe Auray presents his new book: “Sacred and Healing Nature of Brittany”. ©J.-MF Doctor in history of science and technology, Christophe Auray collecting for more than two decades the popular traditions in Brittanywhere … Read more

Turin Spirituality: 10 thousand people queued for the story of the deep surface of reality


10 thousand people queuing to listen and reflect on the complexity of the world, starting from the depth of the common surface, the skin. The XVIII edition of Turin Spiritualitya festival promoted and organized by the Circolo dei readers Foundation, was a great success of participation and public that highlights all the need for a … Read more

Between the Arcachon basin and the Landes forest, Flo Delavega releases his first book in accordance with his deep nature


This fall 2022 marks the return of Flo Delavega but with a different hat. The ex-singer of the group Fréro Delavega, dissolved in 2017, has just been released On the way to dreams, a first book of intimate reflections on the world and nature. Six years after the separation of the group, he is definitely … Read more

LUCIO DALLA. Images and stories of a life as deep as the sea


“Lucio Dalla. Images and stories of a life as deep as the sea “by Massimo Poggini (Rizzoli) * * * by Helena Molinari The most beautiful and intense book by the journalist Massimo Poggini, there is no doubt.A book that goes far beyond mere biography or musical anecdotal.A book that borders on fiction.A book that … Read more

The Pope praises the deep relationship with God of St. Thomas Aquinas


Pope Francis praised Saint Thomas Aquinas’ deep relationship with God “which was manifested, for example, in the adoration of Jesus in his real presence in the Eucharist.” In a prepared speech for the “Fraternity of Saint Thomas Aquinas Groups” (FASTA)and not pronounced by the Pope, but delivered to the members and disseminated by … Read more

Gabriella Caramore guest of the Deep Human festival (INTERVIEW)


© Giorgio Boato THE INTERVIEW The profound human cultural festival proposed by Intonando wants to talk about spirituality, interior and poetry, in an attempt to recover segregated elements in a historical era crossed by fear. The first date will be Friday 16 September at 9 pm in the church of San Domenico in Alba, with … Read more

“In the Deep South, we were lynching effigies of Elvis!”

Interviewed when he was still in the middle of editing his “Elvis”, Baz Luhrmann was talkative, passionate, enthusiastic. In the studio and in front of the videoconference camera that connected him to the QMI Agency, the filmmaker moved to the invisible rhythm of the King’s hits, wanting to communicate his feverishness and his excitement as … Read more

Deep State. The deepest state and the most dangerous governments

Marco Pizzuti is a courageous ex military graduate in Law who has written another insightful and very significant book: “Deep State. The secrets of the financial elite and the multinationals that control governments “(, Vicenza, 2022, p. 612, euro 20). In this book, impossible to describe in detail, the Kennedy murder … Read more