Beginner’s Guide to Spiritual Stones, Their Meaning and Properties

In the first moment, the spiritual stones may seem like the latest fashion in the wellness universe and astrology to spread love and good vibes. But after gaining an army of loyal fans, including Miranda Kerr, Adele, Katy Perry and the Gigi and Bella Hadidthese crystals have become big business backed by many who claim … Read more

Portal 11/11/22: Meaning, which zodiac sign will impact and rituals

The portal 11/11/22, has arrived, and thousands of believers and lovers of astrology will use this day to manifest and perform multiple rituals to infinity with the purpose of attracting into their lives the positive energies that go from consciousness to the spiritual. The data! This portal, which will begin on November 11, 2022, corresponds … Read more

Giving meaning to wounded life: the art of Kintsugi – Regards protestants

Much more than a repair, the Kintsugi is a sublimation. It is claimed that this Japanese art originated in the 15th century from a broken vase, the hideous repair of which inspired a shogun’s request to his ceramists to find a solution that magnifies it. Resilience or sublimation? Originally, the assembly of the broken pieces … Read more

Christmas 2022: Msgr. Marino (Nola), “don’t let yourself be distracted by that Essential which gives meaning to everything to do” | AgentSIR

The Christmas message as an occasion to encourage all men and women of good will, the ecclesial associations and movements, the paths and all the parishes, to continue their commitment to build an entirely synodal Church, “open to listening, capable of relationships and closeness, above all aware that in every passage of the history and … Read more

The meaning of the miracle of Khanukkà: from 18 to 26 December the Jewish holiday close to Christmas teaches us the spiritual and psychological qualities of oil

The lighting of a Menorah, during the eight days of Khanukkà, commemorates an ancient miracle, about 2300 years ago, which took place in the great Temple of Jerusalem. When the Temple was reconquered, it was necessary to proceed with the rededication. However, only one cruet of pure oil was found in the Temple bearing the … Read more