What is India like, beyond the stereotypes | They published a chronicle by Fernando Duclos, “Periodistán”

India is so vast and complex that having managed to capture in just over 300 pages a rich personal experience, plus a synthesis of the country’s historical evolution, added to its cultural, political and religious contradictions, can be classified as a miracle. However, nothing more earthly than A trip to India of flesh and blooda … Read more

“El Pacto de Cuidarnos” is published, ten years of comprehensive feminist protection

The Pact to Take Care of Us. 2010-2021: Comprehensive Feminist Protection in Mesoamerica from the IM-Defenders. Courtesy: IM-Defenders *The PIF is the way in which defenders and communities accompany each other when they are attacked. The Mesoamerican Initiative of Women Human Rights Defenders (IM-Defenders) public “The Pact … Read more

Why was a column praising biodynamics published (then withdrawn) from the “Liberation” site?

Question asked by many Internet users on November 17, 2022. On the morning of November 17 appeared on the site of Release a forum entitled “Biodynamics, an agriculture at the service of the Earth”signed by “Demeter, certification mark for products from biodynamic agriculture”. This publication immediately aroused many reactions from readers, surprised that this controversial … Read more

‘Religion for dummies’: the new guide to learn about different aspects of faith published by Chema Álvarez

It is now available ‘Religion for Dummies’, the collection of ten books that aims to provide training on Christianity for adults. The author of the publications, of the San Pablo Publisheris the Valladolid Chema Álvarez, Missionary of the Sacred Heart and priest. As Álvarez himself explained in ECCLESIA, ‘Religion for dummies’ offers simple guides on … Read more