‘Religion for dummies’: the new guide to learn about different aspects of faith published by Chema Álvarez

It is now available ‘Religion for Dummies’, the collection of ten books that aims to provide training on Christianity for adults. The author of the publications, of the San Pablo Publisheris the Valladolid Chema Álvarez, Missionary of the Sacred Heart and priest.

As Álvarez himself explained in ECCLESIA, ‘Religion for dummies’ offers simple guides on various aspects of faith to a sector of the public that, due to various circumstances, has no knowledge of religion, but is interested in approaching it.

“At first San Pablo asked me for a book for adult education, but then they told me that a larger book has more difficulties for sales, so we decided together with the director of the publishing house to distribute it in pocket books. In this title the essential of the Christian faith is condensed”.

Aspects such as the Gospel, the Bible, prayer, the Virgin, mysticism, saints, the devil or the Church, are some of the books edited by Chema Álvarez. Despite the appearance of being children’s publications judging by the images on the cover, he has made it clear that it is for adults: “It is intended for older Christians who are looking for training or people who, without being Christians, are looking to find something in religion, or are wondering things. This publication serves as their ‘Vademecum’.

He has even indicated that it is a good guide for journalists to document themselves about Christianity and everything that surrounds their religion: “I recommend it to catechism teachers, students of higher education or journalists so as not to screw up on important issues. , because it can serve as a reference on what the Church is, how it works, etc.”

Furthermore, the author asserts that the collection ‘Religion for Dummies’ is easy to read, since the texts are dotted with boxes where interesting quotes or explanations on specific issues appear: “For example, if we talk about the ‘Torah,’ we have to explain what it is, or what a Council is,” says Álvarez, who does not hesitate to state that it is a “very complete” guide.

Regarding the taste in the mouth that the texts leave among readers trained in the Christian field, he assures that it affects some more than others: “When a doctor writes about medicine, it is better not to teach it to your colleagues because they know it. It is a popular book, and they refer to other pages for those who want to know more. Yor I think that this book reaches people because it is written in ‘román paladino’, and they reach popular sentiment”, Chema Álvarez has sustained in ECCLESIA.

For those interested in getting hold of this collection of ten books that make up ‘Religion for Dummies’, they can do so at the bookstores of the ‘San Pablo’ publishing house in Jacinto Benavente or on Calle Alcalá in Madrid, and in those in the rest of Spain.

Biography of Chema Alvarez

Chema Álvarez is a missionary of the Sacred Heart, with a degree in Philosophy, Theology and Sacred Scripture, and a veteran editor of publications and author of different books. With extensive pastoral experience with youth and adults, and social work with marginal groups, he currently prepares and offers biblical, human and spiritual formation to different groups. He also accompanies MSC secular communities and other groups that participate in the charism and spirituality of the Missionaries of the Sacred Heart in their journey of faith.

‘Religion for dummies’: the new guide to learn about different aspects of faith published by Chema Álvarez