Meeting with Master Sri Akarshana, the “Yogi with a Lamborghini”

Master Sri Akarshana, better known as “Yogi with a Lamborghini”, is an entrepreneur turned personal development coach. His audience amounts to 35 million people worldwide on his social networks and during his live performances.

Real name Eric Ho, the Dubai resident who grew up in the UK credits his father with helping him develop his entrepreneurial skills. “My father was an entrepreneur, he had several restaurants. So I grew up learning how to apply for bank loans, start a business, manage cash and all those things,” he confides to euronews.

“I got lost running after material goods”

Master Sri Akarshana became a millionaire at the age of 25 after getting into recycling steel and rubber. “When I started, one of the first deals we did was around $15 million, so we just took the chance and it worked,” he indicates.

But at some point in his life, the young man lost his illusions about money. “I think I got a bit lost chasing material possessions, sports cars, watches, houses, yachts,” he acknowledges.

His encounter with a Himalayan yogi from India changed the course of his life. She brought to his house what he describes as “awareness”. He made the choice to go to India to receive his teaching, then followed a series of training courses in the Himalayan mountains before his master granted him the title of “spiritual master”.

“You have to learn mindfulness and at the same time, money matters”

As for the name he took on the platforms, from “Yogi with a Lamborghini”, it is explained by his desire to bridge a gap between those who constantly run after a goal and those who have turned to spirituality. For him, a middle way exists.

It’s not about choosing between one or the other of these categories, you have to learn mindfulness, breathing, fulfillment, but at the same time, you live in a materialistic world, so the money matters,” says Master Sri Akarshana.

“I thought to myself that people need to grasp this instantly, so I thought, ‘I’m going to buy a Lamborghini and continue to practice yoga and develop my spirituality and I’m also going to tell people that my Lamborghini doesn’t doesn’t matter; like this, our message will be conveyed,” he says.

“All those who run after the material will see the Lamborghini and say to themselves: “It’s for me, I want to learn too!” And all those who are already turned towards the spiritual will discover what I do and will say to themselves: “Why does he have a Lamborghini?” he believes.

“Live in the moment!”

To support his approach, Master Sri Akarshana is currently opening a yoga center of nearly 800 m² in Dubai. “We’re going to inspire many people to walk this path, we’re going to build the community here, help improve people’s health, well-being and mental health too,” he hopes.

Finally, the “spiritual master” has some advice for those looking to take a more mindful approach to life: “Live in the moment! No matter what we fear for tomorrow, we should be very grateful,” he assures.

Meeting with Master Sri Akarshana, the “Yogi with a Lamborghini”