Memories of the 1962 Soccer World Cup, Rancagua sub

With more than 130 million copies worldwide, “The Legend of Zelda” video game saga has left an indelible mark, becoming one of the most successful and recognized franchises of all time. Since its birth 37 years ago by Nintendo, this franchise has captivated millions of players around the world. Now, with their latest installment “The … Read more

World Cup 2022: what you need to know about Qatar (apart from football)

As the FIFA World Cup kicks off in Qatar, here is an overview of this Middle Eastern emirate: history, economy, political power and controversies around the World Cup. Identity record Qatar is a country located in the Arabian Peninsula. Its area is 11,500 km². It has 2.6 million inhabitants, three-quarters of whom live in the … Read more

World Cup Qatar 2022: what will the free broadcast of Public TV be like | All matches of the Argentine national team live

“Our team, our passion, our flag.” That motto will be the one that identifies the coverage of the World Cup Qatar 2022 of the Public TV. Less than a month before the start of the long-awaited sporting event, the state channel presented programming that since November 20 will be almost entirely dedicated to the tournament … Read more

Japan surprises again for its order and gratitude in the World Cup in Qatar

One of the fans explained: “We are Japanese, we don’t leave trash behind us and we respect the place.” Farooq himself was amazed: “This is something I’ve heard of, but I never thought it was so real. Oh. All respect.” But not only the fans have these good habits. Also the players of the national … Read more

World Cup: how to rhyme football and faith?

18.11.22 • Camille Meyer • Category(ies): News , Sport “it is not the search for glory that should drive the sportsman but the desire to satisfy and make happy the public. A regulated life, respectful of the Gospel can allow the sportsman to combine faith and sport.” believes Guillaume Warmuz. The 22nd edition of the … Read more

The UCI and Warner Bros. Discovery unveil the schedule for the 2023 UCI Mountain Bike World Cup and Enduro World Series

The Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI) and Warner Bros. Discovery (WBD) have unveiled the new calendar for the 2023 UCI Mountain Bike World Cup and Enduro World Series. For the first time, all the major mountain bike specialties are united in a combined calendar, which will take competitors in ten countries and on three continents. As … Read more

VW Fun Cup: autopsy of the competition Beetle “made in Belgium”

There will be more than 120 who will swallow 25 hours of racing on the Spa-Francorchamps circuit this weekend. This is of course the VW Fun Cup, created 25 years ago. The machine, which takes the form of the mythical Volkswagen Beetle, however, has almost nothing to do with the god damn beast imagined by … Read more