A spirituality of encounter to live synodality in the Church

“Practicing the spirituality of encounter: this is essential for living synodality in the Church”. This is what the Pope declared to the members of the Primatial Council of the Confederation of Canons Regular of Saint Augustine received in audience on Friday morning January 13 in the Private Library. We publish below the speech of the … Read more

Long live God One and Triune in our hearts

Saint Arnold Janssen is the essence of spirituality, whose feast we celebrate on January 15. Within the framework of this celebration, it is opportune that we can reflect on the great spiritual wealth that Saint Arnold Janssen gives us, the great missionary founder of three Missionary Congregations: Missionaries of the Divine Word, Missionaries Servants of … Read more

Pope Ratzinger’s funeral live, Benedict XVI’s funeral finished: Pope Francis blesses the coffin before burial

Inside the cypress coffin which will welcome the body of the pope emeritus Blessed XVI will be included, in addition to the coins minted during his papacy, the medals and palliums, also the famous deed. Here is the full text: “In the light of Christ risen from the dead, on December 31st of the year … Read more

Avatar Star shows he’s a perfect live

Residence News channel Avatar Star shows he’s a perfect live-action Aang Netflix Avatar: The Last Airbender star Gordon Cormier proves he’s a perfect live-action Aang in a new image ahead of the upcoming series. Gordon Cormier portrays his character from Avatar: The Last Airbender in a picture-perfect new image. Adapted from the popular Nickelodeon animated … Read more

«Carlos de Foucauld invites us not to live dependent on the figures or the results»

This Sunday Francisco will canonize Charles de Foucault (1858-1916), a spiritually fruitful saint after his death as he was a failure in life. explain this paradox daisy saldanagraduate in Journalism and Dogmatic Theology and author of several books: Saint Joseph: the eyes of the bowels, God’s Land: a spirituality for daily life either Inhabited routine: … Read more

Drawing inspiration from Saint Francis de Sales to live the beatitudes | RCF

Dusting off “the devout life” Holy Francois de Sales died 400 years ago, on December 28, 1622. This major figure in the history of the Catholic Church wrote “The introduction to the devout life”. A work which has known since its publication in 1609 an immense success, it has not ceased to be republished until … Read more

People like the live crib of Melone di Ladispoli • Third Track News

“At the culmination of a series of Christmas initiatives, organized with great commitment by pupils, teachers and parents and with charitable purposes, including markets and primary school parties, the magic of that distant night when St. in Greccio the birth of Jesus was repeated for the second time at the “Melone” and the success was … Read more