Cheapest countries in the world: 15 countries to live on €20 a day!

Traveling on a budget doesn’t mean you have to give up adventure and cultural discoveries. Quite the contrary! When you shift your gaze to less conventional destinations, you will discover a wealth of possibilities accessible for less than 20 euros per day. Asian getaways for less than 20 euros per day Asia is full of … Read more

‘Concert per la pau’, protest music live at the Castell de Bellver

He Bellver Castle host this Saturday a piano and orchestra concert with overtones of solidarity and demands, and with the war in Ukraine as the main backdrop. The soprano Lorena Bonnín will give voice to the heartfelt proposal by Miquel Àngel Bonnín, accompanied by Magí Garcíes on piano. The recent and still bloody russian invasionthe … Read more

Young man will live his Passion of Christ in Tamulté de las Barrancas (Photos)

Alexis Ricardo Morales, a 27-year-old graduate of the Universidad Juárez Autónoma de Tabasco (UJAT), will have the opportunity and the enormous responsibility of carrying the cross, thus emulating the journey that Jesus of Nazareth took from Jerusalem more than 2,000 years ago. to Calvary, also called Golgotha, in the Via Crucis of Tamulté de las … Read more

Holy Week Masses 2023: schedules and where you can watch the celebrations live

With the end of the month of March and the arrival of April, Holy Week finds its place and acquires the unique role it finds every year. The masses acquire a special role, due to the religious component they have, and there are many parishioners who attend this celebration with their relatives. This week, therefore, … Read more

A spirituality of encounter to live synodality in the Church

“Practicing the spirituality of encounter: this is essential for living synodality in the Church”. This is what the Pope declared to the members of the Primatial Council of the Confederation of Canons Regular of Saint Augustine received in audience on Friday morning January 13 in the Private Library. We publish below the speech of the … Read more

Long live God One and Triune in our hearts

Saint Arnold Janssen is the essence of spirituality, whose feast we celebrate on January 15. Within the framework of this celebration, it is opportune that we can reflect on the great spiritual wealth that Saint Arnold Janssen gives us, the great missionary founder of three Missionary Congregations: Missionaries of the Divine Word, Missionaries Servants of … Read more

Pope Ratzinger’s funeral live, Benedict XVI’s funeral finished: Pope Francis blesses the coffin before burial

Inside the cypress coffin which will welcome the body of the pope emeritus Blessed XVI will be included, in addition to the coins minted during his papacy, the medals and palliums, also the famous deed. Here is the full text: “In the light of Christ risen from the dead, on December 31st of the year … Read more

Avatar Star shows he’s a perfect live

Residence News channel Avatar Star shows he’s a perfect live-action Aang Netflix Avatar: The Last Airbender star Gordon Cormier proves he’s a perfect live-action Aang in a new image ahead of the upcoming series. Gordon Cormier portrays his character from Avatar: The Last Airbender in a picture-perfect new image. Adapted from the popular Nickelodeon animated … Read more