Iran: proteste continue ma il regime resta rigido | Il Bo Live UniPD

Proteste a Tehran, foto di Wana News Agency per Reuters Stiamo davvero ascoltando? La comunità internazionale è consapevole dell’importanza di cosa sta accadendo in Iran? Eppure continua a salire altissimo il grido delle donne iraniane, la loro richiesta di libertà, del rispetto dei loro diritti, contro qualsiasi obbligo, contro la violenza. Sono due settimane che … Read more

Astro: do you live in the right city according to your astrological sign?

In France or abroad… in which city should you live according to your astrological sign? We tell you everything about the places of life that really suit you! From the strongest of the signs to the least appreciated, the twelve signs of the zodiac all have very different characters. Some will love the calm of … Read more

International Day of Peace: a date to reconcile and live in harmony


In many regions of the world, the flags of peace are raised as a synonym for no more war! No more conflict! However, human experience has shown that peace has much broader and more diverse meanings; It also depends on the culture and the ways in which communities dialogue and resolve their conflicts. Talking about … Read more

Star Citizen Live: Q&A with the Narrative Team


The lore (History) of Star Citizen is extensive. We often forget that but this aspect of the game is under active development, along with all other game systems. It is therefore not uncommon to see developments and changes in the narrative objectives, and wishes can change at any time depending on the ideas of the … Read more

Christopher Uckermann, former RBD, leaves acting to live in spirituality


Christopher Uckermann credit: Bang Showbiz With almost 30 years of artistic career, countless awards and recognitions, as well as a long list of successful film and television productions, Mexican actor Christopher Uckermann has decided to retire from show business to focus on his spiritual facet. It was the former RBD member himself who shared the … Read more

Maurizio Chiodi. Live the ‘extraordinary’ experience of prayer (4)


Share Tweet Share Whatsapp Messenger It used to go without saying that a family should dedicate a special time to prayer at the beginning and at the end of the day. Today all this is by no means taken for granted, and in some ways this, as well as a difficulty, is also a possibility … Read more

This is how seven great exdivas of the cinema of more than 80 years live today… | | Modern digital magazine.


What are octogenarian actresses Sofia Loren, Brigitte Bardot, Catherine Deneuve, Shirley MacLaine, Joan Collins and Ursula Andress doing today? The Swiss Ursula Andress, the American Raquel Welch and the French Brigitte Bardot were ‘sex-symbols’ for several decades. They have many things in common: that in addition to being talented they were the most beautiful, desired … Read more

The fifth edition of “AnimaVerso 2022” is back, art, culture, theater and live music: the appointments


Advertisement The “AnimaVerso 2022” Festival resumes from 26 to 28 August. Friday 26th August Antonio Onorato New Quartet e Sunday 28th August the singer-songwriter Antonella Ruggiero on the stage of Piazza Marinella in Atrani The appointments of the fifth edition of “AninaVerso 2022” are back with three shows between Atrani and Conca Dei Marini and … Read more