Egypt: The discovery that stunned the world

In 1922, Harry Burton is widely recognized as the greatest archeology photographer in the world. Like Carter, he is an English country boy of humble origins. Burton sets up a makeshift darkroom in a nearby tomb. His photos contribute to making discovery and excavations a global media event. In a world desperate for entertainment after … Read more

For the 800th anniversary of Sant’Antonio di Padova in Forlì, for two weekends we go to the discovery of the places of his life


For the 800th anniversary of Sant’Antonio di Padova in Forlì (1222-2022), guided tours to discover the saint’s places in Forlì and Montepaolo in a project conceived by Silvia Sansovini and Gabriele Zelli and carried out in collaboration with Confguide Forlì. Guided tours to discover the places of Sant’Antonio di Padova in Forlì … Read more

The UCI and Warner Bros. Discovery unveil the schedule for the 2023 UCI Mountain Bike World Cup and Enduro World Series


The Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI) and Warner Bros. Discovery (WBD) have unveiled the new calendar for the 2023 UCI Mountain Bike World Cup and Enduro World Series. For the first time, all the major mountain bike specialties are united in a combined calendar, which will take competitors in ten countries and on three continents. As … Read more

Indigenous peoples, the discovery of the science of experience


After centuries of racism and “embezzlement”, the Western world begins to enhance indigenous knowledge. A collaborative scientific process which enriches human knowledge, while respecting traditional cultural heritage From the monthly – For much of history, the Western scientific world has exploited their knowledge without giving them credit. But now something is changing. Indigenous peoples interact … Read more

The relevant discovery of Cozzolani

The Montreal Baroque Festival, which opened Thursday at the Rialto Theater, will continue until Sunday. As part of a tribute to female composers, the heroine of this grand opening night, conducted by Mathias Maute, was Chiara Margarita Cozzolani. The 20th edition of the Montreal Baroque Festival will unfold until Sunday on the theme “Feminine Cadence”. … Read more

Warner Bros. Discovery reportedly ‘frustrated’ by JJ Abrams’ lack of DC projects

The Warner Bros. merger. With Discovery over, CEO David Zaslav takes a closer look at the company’s films and series in development. Many of these projects are believed to come from JJ Abrams, whose production company Bad Robot signed an overall $250 million deal with Warner in 2019. Abrams is working on original series such … Read more