World Cup Qatar 2022: what will the free broadcast of Public TV be like | All matches of the Argentine national team live

“Our team, our passion, our flag.” That motto will be the one that identifies the coverage of the World Cup Qatar 2022 of the Public TV. Less than a month before the start of the long-awaited sporting event, the state channel presented programming that since November 20 will be almost entirely dedicated to the tournament World Cup in which the Argentine national team he will go for his third world Cup.

The World Cup on Public TV

Coverage includes the transmission of a total of 32 exclusive official matchesincluding all those who play the national team (whose collations will also transmit TyC Sports). Public TV will broadcast live, from Doha, around 8 hours a daybetween the previous ones, parties and postparties, more three programs that will go live from the Qatari capital. “We have been working for a year to be able to bring the spectacle of the World Cup to Argentines in a way that free. I want to highlight the effort made by the national State to guarantee it,” said the president of Radio y Televisión Argentina (RTA) in the presentation.

As every four years, Public TV dresses in light blue and white to transmit all the World Cup passion to each one of the inhabitants of the Argentine territory. For the event that will take place in Qatar, the channel secured the exclusive broadcast rights for 32 matches, including all those played by the national team, the opening ceremony and match on November 20two from the round of 16, two from the quarterfinals, the two semifinals, the one from third place and the long-awaited final, on December 18. In the first phase, for example, you will have exclusive the matches between France and Denmark (26/11), Spain and Germany (27/11) and Brazil and Switzerland (28/11), to cite three of the most convening of that instance. In the initial phase, the channel will always broadcast two games a day except in two days that will have the exclusive rights of a single comparison.

“Our obligation is to ensure the connectivity for free and free communication and that Argentines have the possibility of enjoy a football game without having to pay, because there are many who decidedly can’t do it and if they don’t they are going to stay off the map. The work that the entire team of Public TV did is to ensure that place for them, because they are as Argentines as those of us who are fortunate enough to live in cities with this purchasing power like Buenos Aires and others”, affirmed Lufrano. The head of RTA also stressed that all the decisions related to the transmission of the World Cup were taken “unanimously” by the members of the board of directors of the company of the State that he presides over.

The coverage of the World Cup in Qatar will mark a milestone in Argentine television history, since it was planned with a gender perspective. It is no coincidence, then, that for the first time there are broadcasts of the soccer World Cup for the country a female speaker: will be Lola del Carrilemerged from the cycle Argentine rapporteurs hosted by Mariano Peluffo on Public TV. In addition, as he has been doing since the Qualifiers, Angela Lerena She will be the first commentator for the National Team in a World Cup. For her part, sofi martinez It will be the journalist who is day by day in the concentration of the Argentine National Team.

The female trio will of course not be alone. Pablo Giralt, Gustavo Kuffner and Pablo Ladaga will be the other three relators of the channel, while Miguel Osovi and Matías Martin will be added in the comments of the parties. The journalistic team is completed with Tití Fernández and Sergio Goycochea, plus journalists from four provincial public channels (Tierra del Fuego, La Rioja, Córdoba and Tucumán), which will also be from the game. The participation of journalists from the provinces is not whimsical, but responds to the idea of ​​printing a federal perspective coverage, incorporating professionals who transcend the Buenos Aires-centric view of the World Cup phenomenon. In fact, Public TV is the only channel that, through its 240 analogue repeaters and Open Digital Television stations, manages to reach 90% of the national territory by air.

“We have made an agreement with four channels from different regions, which had the possibility of feeding this coverage with contents and talents from each of these places, that they are going to send journalists and producers to strengthen the content of the broadcasts of Public TV”, he explained. Claudio Martinez, executive director of Public TV. “This federal spirit —he added— does not remain only in the transmission, because this cannot be a one-way channel, where the broadcast leaves here and reaches the entire country: we are determined to build the return lane, so that content from all over the country. That is why we have worked with 24 public channels so that, in the previews of the matches in Argentina, we can throb the passion in every corner of the territory, to show how the preview is lived in each of the points of encouragement”.

To the transmissions of the parties, the Public TV will add three programs that will be broadcast daily, live and direct, from Qatar. At 6:00 p.m., Giralt, Martin and Osovi will take everything that happened on each day in The afternoon of the World Cup. For its part, at 10:30 p.m. the Maradonean spirit will say present in infinite left handed, a co-production with Telesur led by Victor Hugo Morales, Goycochea, Juan Pablo Sorín, Lerena and Fernández. The closing of each day will be at 22.30 with leo world, co-production with DeporTV that will show the World Cup seen through the particular “Messi Universe”.

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World Cup Qatar 2022: what will the free broadcast of Public TV be like | All matches of the Argentine national team live