Tonight on Netflix: the series that proves that in the Middle Ages, Europe was worse than Game of Thrones

This nugget of the small screen plunges you into a distant and extraordinary past when glory and gore went hand in hand: we named “Vikings”, the heroic, the aesthetic, the absolutely epic. Our story begins in the 8th century in a small Scandinavian village called Kattegat where lives Ragnar Lothbrok, a Viking warrior and farmer … Read more

10 Underrated Female Characters In ‘Game Of Thrones’ Who Deserved More

The hit TV show game of thrones is known for its large cast, which includes a significant number of female characters. Not all of them had powerful roles like the Queen of Dragons, Daenerys, the slayer of the Night King, Arya, or the brave knight, Brienne, or the witty sensitive Sansa, but their roles contributed … Read more

Why Arab Fans Love House of the Dragon Despite Game of Thrones’ ‘Horrible’ Ending

LOS ANGELES: Stanley Kubrick once said that JRR Tolkien’s cult trilogy ‘The Lord of the Rings’ was impossible to make into a movie. It’s hard to imagine what the great director would have thought of Amazon’s new billion-dollar event series, based on dry footnotes at the end of the third book. “The Lord of the … Read more