Tonight on Netflix: the series that proves that in the Middle Ages, Europe was worse than Game of Thrones

This nugget of the small screen plunges you into a distant and extraordinary past when glory and gore went hand in hand: we named “Vikings”, the heroic, the aesthetic, the absolutely epic. Our story begins in the 8th century in a small Scandinavian village called Kattegat where lives Ragnar Lothbrok, a Viking warrior and farmer … Read more

Viviana Canosa attacked Alberto Fernández: “He is the worst president in history, he strives every day to be worse”

There is no doubt that in recent years one of the drivers who has given the most talk has been Viviana Canosa, either for his explosive reports or for his opinions regarding Argentine politics. His abrupt departure from A24 He also placed her at the center of the media debate and after several months managed … Read more

“The media are worried about the lack of gas. What if 2023 was worse than 2022? “. Editorial by Charles SANNAT

My dear impertinents, dear impertinents, You probably know the endless day. This film where the hero lives day after day the same day and starts again and again. Unending. The moral of the story is that he must improve and become better in order to be able to find again the joys of the passing … Read more