10 Underrated Female Characters In ‘Game Of Thrones’ Who Deserved More

The hit TV show game of thrones is known for its large cast, which includes a significant number of female characters. Not all of them had powerful roles like the Queen of Dragons, Daenerys, the slayer of the Night King, Arya, or the brave knight, Brienne, or the witty sensitive Sansa, but their roles contributed to widespread popularity and success. from the Serie.

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Certain characters will undoubtedly rank higher than others in the series due to the important roles they have played. However, that doesn’t mean less popular characters should be overlooked. While some of these women are heroines and some are villains, they all play an important role in shaping the plot of this thrilling fantasy series. Septa Unella, Margaery, Meera Reed, Osha and others may not be main characters or popular heroines, but they are more powerful than many realize and deserve more recognition.


While some may view Ros as little more than a prostitute, she plays an important role in providing vital information and pushing the plot forward. This prostitute renowned for her beauty met various lords and got a glimpse of the events of Westeros. In season one, the audience learns of the impending war in the north through her conversation with Theon as she travels to Kings Landing. Also, it is through her that Petyr Baelish’s infatuation with Catelyn Stark is revealed.

Pink (Esme Blanche) went from fulfilling a nudity quota to being a real character that some loved. There are so many theories about Ros’s role in game of thrones but the truth is that she is a key plot element in this story and without her many parts of the story would not have been fully understood. Although she was used as a pawn in the series’ political games, Ros did not deserve to suffer her violent death at the hands of Joffrey.

Yara Greyjoy

Badass Yara Greyjoy (Gemma Whelan) is one of the underrated heroes of Game of Thrones. Yara embodies strength, loyalty, and courage, and she was not a cowardly person. Despite being female, this ironborn warrior fought valiantly for her kingdom, even becoming an ally of Daenerys to secure the much-sought independence for her people.

There’s no denying that Yara Greyjoy is one of the smartest and most powerful female characters in Game of Thrones, and she deserves more credit for it. Despite her limited screen time, her presence was palpable when she finally made an appearance in the second season.

Septa Unella

Cersei was deposed and the Great Sparrow took control of Westeros. The Faith activist, also known as “The Sparrow,” may be chaste, but he’s just as cruel. Cersei experiences their cruelty firsthand when she is arrested and thrown into a cell by Unella (Hannah Waddingham), who continues to torture her until she confesses her adultery with her cousin Lancel.

For fans who disliked Cersei, it might have been satisfying to see someone finally break her. The Walk of Shame is a memorable and heartbreaking episode of the series, and it wouldn’t have been so impactful without Unella ringing a bell and shouting “Shame” as Cersei walked the streets naked. Despite her cruelty, Unella is a tough character and deserves credit for her role, even though she had limited screen time.


Margin (Nathalie Dormer) is not a warrior wielding a sword and slaying her enemies, but rather an ambitious and powerful lady of Highgarden, skilled in the art of manipulation. She was able to control the sadistic Joffrey, and after his death she managed to sway Tommen Baratheon in his favor, undermining the authority of the most powerful woman in Westeros, Cersei Lannister.

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It’s no secret that only shrewd and cunning individuals can survive King’s Landing, which is full of schemers and manipulators. Margery, who learned the art of manipulation from her grandmother, has proven to be a formidable player at this game. Although it is tragic that Margery met her end in the explosion of a fire forest in Season 6, she remains one of the greatest characters in this epic fantasy series.

Reed Meera

As Hodor holds the door against a swarm of specters, Bran must rely on Meera (Ellie Kendrick) to secure it. After killing several Revenants and smashing a White Walker, Meera escapes the battle alive, pulling Bran in a cart. Despite the loss of her brother, she never stopped her quest to bring Bran to safety.

Meera Reed pulled a crippled boy through the unforgiving north, teeming with night owls, bandits and many uncertainties. Without her bravery and the sacrifices of others, Brandon’s story would have ended long before her. In a series filled with heroic characters, it’s easy to overlook or downplay Meera’s accomplishments. However, this young hero of House Reed deserves more appreciation and gratitude from Bran than she received.


After being captured by Jon Snow, Ygritte (Rose Leslie) being a free people is supposed to be killed, but Jon couldn’t bring himself to do it. Kept alive by a noble Jon Snow, Ygritte constantly torments him until the very moment she leads him into a savage ambush and so Jon Snow’s story begins.

Ygritte may be a fan favorite, but she’s quickly forgotten in comparison to the other fiery women of Game of Thrones. She is, however, more than Jon Snow’s lover; she’s one of the main reasons Jon Snow became the leader he was born to be. This red-haired warrior also helped him understand why nightwalkers, and not wildlings, were the main threat. So, if Jon Snow’s path hadn’t crossed his, would he have fulfilled his destiny?


After Daenerys frees Missandei (Nathalie Emmanuel), she found in herself a worthy servant and a faithful friend. Missandei, who was just a slave, became the Dragon Queen’s trusted advisor even though she was not named the Queen’s Hand. Missandei also helped reveal Daenerys’ more feminine and cute side to viewers.

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Missandei may be silent, but she was more powerful than many thought. She may not have been a central character, but it was her last word “Dracarys” that sparked Daenerys’ Targaryen fury when King landed. Only someone with powerful influence could have caused the destruction of King’s Landing.

Mirri Maz Duur

After a nasty cut leaves Drogo mortally ill, Daenerys seeks help from Mirri Maz Dhur (Mia Soteriou) to cure it. With his blood magic and unconventional healing procedures, this Dothraki warlord meets his end. The question is, did Mirri kill Drogo? She may not be the sole cause of his death, but she does play a part in delivering his fitting ending.

Causing Drogo’s brain death may not be considered heroic or even celebrated by many fans, as many eventually fell in love with him. But from the perspective of this witch/healer whose people were enslaved, murdered and raped by the ruthless Dothraki tribe led by Khal Drogo, bringing down their leader is a heroic act. Without the dubious role of this martyr in the film, Drogo would not have died and Danny would not have found his way on his own.

Lyanna Mormont

Lyanna Mormont (Bella Ramsey), the lady of Bear Island, is like the rest of the Mormont family: brave, outspoken and ready to fight for what she believes in. When the Lords in the North hesitated to support Jon Snow, Lyanna stepped in and declared her full support for the King in the North.

Lyanna may have been just a young girl at a time when men held most of the power, but that never stopped her from being a staunch defender of the north. This young heroine may be small, but she was a fierce warrior to the end, and one of Game of Thrones’ most underrated heroic figures.


Winterfell is besieged, and Osha (Natalia Tena) has no choice but to seduce Theon Greyjoy in order to escape with the boys, so that they are not killed. Into the dangerous woods she led them, hoping to keep them safe until the search for Theon was over.

Osha deserves to be remembered as more than just a slave who was brutally killed by Ramsay Bolton. She was also a brave and savage woman who dedicated her life to saving her young masters, ultimately sacrificing her own life in the process. Sadly, many people may remember her as a victim of Ramsay’s violence rather than the heroic figure she was.

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