Tonight on Netflix: the series that proves that in the Middle Ages, Europe was worse than Game of Thrones

This nugget of the small screen plunges you into a distant and extraordinary past when glory and gore went hand in hand: we named “Vikings”, the heroic, the aesthetic, the absolutely epic. Our story begins in the 8th century in a small Scandinavian village called Kattegat where lives Ragnar Lothbrok, a Viking warrior and farmer … Read more

Branduardi: “My Middle Ages from San Francesco to Sant’Ildegarda”

Angelo Branduardi he is a serious person and like all serious people he is self-deprecating and never serious. He jokes about the air of a guru, but he doesn’t know what it means to put on airs. In the panorama of the author’s song it is unique, in the sense that in formation, themes and … Read more

MedFest, in Lecco the Middle Ages are staged: from monks’ songs to period banquets

from Barbara Gerosa The songs of the Cistercian monks, the national premiere of “A city of its own”, a medieval dinner at Villa Manzoni among the events of the festival, in its first edition A step back in time, a journey into the past that retraces more than a thousand years of history. From the … Read more

Malpaga, at the castle two nights in the Middle Ages in the light of a thousand candles

from Rosanna Scardi Today and tomorrow (27 and 28 August) the opportunity to participate in a path between re-enactments, dinners, night visits and workshops Dive into the Middle Agesat the court of Bartolomeo Colleoni, in the village of Malpaga. Today and tomorrow a thousand candles will be lit for the first edition of Lux facta … Read more

Changes in collective psychology. astrological ages

There is an intimate relationship between the macrocosm or universe and the microcosm, the human being. Astronomically, there is a movement on the Earth, the precession of the equinoxes. That slow change in the orientation of the Earth’s axis of rotation causes the position indicated by the Earth’s axis on the celestial sphere by crossing … Read more

A long journey on the trail of the heretics of the Middle Ages: in Castiglione Tinella the film “Bogre” by Fredo Valla

A special evening in Castiglione Tinella with “Bogre”, the film by director Fredo Valla. The Municipality of Castiglione Tinella, together with Associazione Contessa di Castiglione and Bottega del vino Moscato, have decided to mark this summer 2022 which has a bit of the flavor and character of the restart, with great events to address to … Read more