Osel, the Spanish ‘lama boy’: “Life has had to give me many hosts to open my eyes”

11.16.2022 12:00 a.m. little was expected Osel Hita when he was born, back in 1985 in Bubión –a town of Grenade of little more than 300 inhabitants–, that his life was going to become a reason for documentary film. This is not to say that thousands of people would consider him the reincarnation of the … Read more

The story of the Spanish lama boy who abandoned his temple in India for the ‘raves’ of Ibiza

Of Osel Hita Torres Much has been written over many years, as a quick Google search proves. “But they are snippets of a life that has never been told from start to finish. Until now, hardly anyone understood me”, he explains himself at the beginning of November at the offices of HBO Max Spain. His … Read more

The Dalai Lama is awarded the Nobel Peace Prize


Another October 5, 1989, thirty-three years ago today, the Norwegian Nobel Committee announces that, of the approximately five billion people who live on Earth —according to the UN calculation of the last July 11, first World Population Day -, who “has worked more and better in favor of brotherhood among nations, the abolition or reduction … Read more

“Buddhism, the law of silence”, on Arte: a backward look at the philosophy conveyed by the Dalai Lama


Rigdzin Namkha Gyatso Rinpoche is a Tibetan lama. He speaks in the documentary “Buddhism, the law of silence”, by Elodie Emery and Wandrille Lanos. ARTE.TV ARTE – TUESDAY SEPTEMBER 13 AT 10.35 P.M. – DOCUMENTARY From assaulted nuns to conversion therapy, documentaries have been playing a warning role lately, bringing to the public the moral … Read more