Jesús Rafael Soto: to fullness through displacement

04/01/2023 In praise of Robert Mapplethorpe’s shadow, which we can visit at the Elvira Gonzalez Gallery from Madrid until tomorrow, January 5, will be followed in this space, on the 18th, by a review of the kinetic production of the Venezuelan painter and sculptor Jesús Rafael Soto. His work was figurative in its beginnings, but … Read more

Physics took him from atheism to evangelism: a forbidden Mass and “a sign”, to the fullness of faith

It was 1988 in London when Wilson’s was a profoundly scientistimbued by atheism and marked by the conviction that science was in itself an amendment to the entire religious spirit. An approach that he began to question when he finished his university studies in Physics, when “God used the beauty of mathematics and a good … Read more