Physics took him from atheism to evangelism: a forbidden Mass and “a sign”, to the fullness of faith

It was 1988 in London when Wilson’s was a profoundly scientistimbued by atheism and marked by the conviction that science was in itself an amendment to the entire religious spirit. An approach that he began to question when he finished his university studies in Physics, when “God used the beauty of mathematics and a good … Read more

Fabio Volo and a typical day in spiritual retreat: “It was absolutely forbidden to do two things”

Who does not know Fabio Volo? Known writer and actor, our deejay brings good humor, peace and joy to your radios every morning. The Flight of the Morninghistorical program aired on Radio DEEJAY Monday to Friday from 9 to 10, it provides daily maxims of spirituality, which help listeners to start the day well, focus … Read more