The physics of the invisible

«Can the human being be understood as an entity in continuum with the reality he perceives, where the physical body, emotions, thoughts and the environment are equally influenced by the Consciousness that experiences them?»: if so asks Alessandra Martignoni, co-author of the book “Psychosophy. A bridge between psychology and spirituality” which proposes a new paradigm … Read more

“Quantum medicine”, false therapies that surf on the revolutions of quantum physics

What is the link between quantum physics, which has just been crowned with a new Nobel Prize, and “quantum therapies”? The first is neither more nor less than a scientific revolution that has upset our understanding of matter, while the second are devoid or almost devoid of scientific basis – they have been partially kicked … Read more

Physics took him from atheism to evangelism: a forbidden Mass and “a sign”, to the fullness of faith

It was 1988 in London when Wilson’s was a profoundly scientistimbued by atheism and marked by the conviction that science was in itself an amendment to the entire religious spirit. An approach that he began to question when he finished his university studies in Physics, when “God used the beauty of mathematics and a good … Read more

▷ Quantum Physics and Spirituality » What Relationship They Hide

Although it is still quite difficult to understand, scientific experiments revealed a behavior in the subatomic particles of matter, which defy the classical laws of physics and ensure that everything that happens to us depends exclusively on our thoughts and emotions. That the objective world depends on our observation is the most powerful statement between … Read more

The new work by Ángel Pichardo Almonte reveals his ingenuity to write stories from Quantum Physics

The writer Angel Pichardo Almonte released its most recent construction site literary “The Paths of Being and other quantum stories”, a book in which the writer assumes the possibilities offered by Quantum Physics to play with the simultaneity and probability of time in writing, stringing together stories in a non-linear way. The activity was carried … Read more

Physics and metaphysics: Krzysztof Zanussi talks about himself

He went through fifty years of cinema history, recounting the changes in Europe and addressing the great questions that man has always questioned: Krzysztof Zanussi is the great protagonist of the second day of the Lecco Film Fest, the festival organized by the Foundation Ente dello Spettacolo and promoted by Confindustria Lecco and Sondrio. And … Read more