60,000 flower bulbs to be picked planted in the various cemeteries of Chapelle

The various cemeteries as well as some public places in Chapelle-lez-Herlaimont will soon be flowered. The Natura Loci company and its partner Verver Export are responsible, this Thursday, for planting 60,000 flower bulbs which will be available for picking by next April. The opportunity for citizens to go there to create a small bouquet before … Read more

Take note! This is the meaning of the lotus flower that you can use for a special gift

Anyone who knows a bit of history will have perfectly learned that the meaning of the lotus flower it has been something very linked to great and famous civilizations of all times. This charismatic aquatic flowerfrom different colors but with a absolutely unmistakable smellis closely related to spirituality in the vast majority of sites. And … Read more

Willow, the perfect flower for is unlucky and has a grudge against life

When we feel haunted by bad luck and see everything black around us, then it’s time to resort to Willow Flower therapy remedies (Photo by Fran • @ thisisfranpatel-Pixabay) There are moments in life when every event seems to be against us. We feel betrayed, disrespected and unloved by others and because of this we … Read more

“Jurassic World”, “Men”, “Little Flower”… Movies of the week

Find without further delay our reviews of the films of the week. Jurassic World: The World After by Colin Trevorrow “The film has the weight of its ambition: wanting to replay all the episodes at the same time, chasing too many tracks at the same time, dispersing over many territories, being both a film of … Read more