Take note! This is the meaning of the lotus flower that you can use for a special gift

Anyone who knows a bit of history will have perfectly learned that the meaning of the lotus flower it has been something very linked to great and famous civilizations of all times. This charismatic aquatic flowerfrom different colors but with a absolutely unmistakable smellis closely related to spirituality in the vast majority of sites.

And this is not something exclusive to ancient civilizations, but today in countries like China or India it continues to be of enormous importance for all people associated with Buddhism. The lotus flower has a lot behind it, and also its characteristic behavior makes it hover over it even more interest and desire to reflect on its meanings. For example, there is the fact that there lotus flowers of very different colors, and that each of them has a specific meaning. And then there is the peculiarity that the lotus flower closes at night, and every morning it opens to re-expand its scent on any route. We are going to tell you more about her.

What characteristics and colors does the lotus flower have?

exist many different varieties of the lotus flower, and each of them has a quite different aspect, and with it also a different meaning. In general, the common characteristic between them is that, whatever they look like, grow in water. But there are also some varieties of lotus that grow outside of it, so as you can see, there is little in common.

If what you want to know is how you can distinguish a lotus flower when you walk around, the truth is that more or less if there are some common generalities. First the smell that we were talking about, and secondly that in a high percentage, it will be a aquatic lotus flower.

But also, the shape of its petals is also quite distinctive: the petals are elongated and overlapping in many layers that make up the flower, and the center is usually yellow. Those petals are quite mobileand as we told you before, usually open during the day and close at nightalthough there are some species, as we are going to tell you later, that are always kept closed.

Secondly, their stems are enormously long since they usually grow in lakes, swamps and pools, and manage to make their way from the bottom to the surface covering meters in length. In the event that a person considers growing a lotus flower at home, this is something that should be taken into account: they grow in water and therefore their watering and sun exposure needs are really different to any other plant.

The meaning of the lotus flower according to its smell

What meanings are behind the lotus flower? This is the most interesting part, because there are many and they have a reason in the curious way of growing that the plant has. The lotus flowers begin their growth process at the bottom of lakes, swamps and poolsthat is, in a dirty and muddy environment where hardly any light reaches.

meanings in the lotus flower

Despite this fact, the plant manages to grow its stem in this environment and reach the surface to form one of the most beautiful and delicate flowers of all that exist. This is the part that is behind all the meanings of the lotus flower: how the flower manages to get ahead and flourish regardless of surrounding circumstances. A brilliant life can be born in any place no matter how dirty it is.

That is why in the multitude of civilizations that have cultivated the lotus flower and searched for meanings to introduce them into their lives, such as the civilization of Ancient Egypt, that of Greece as well, and in turn the ancient Chinese, Japanese and Indian , all of them have considered the flower as a symbol of spiritualityof perseverance in the search for goals and a good life moving forward between bad situations.

In addition, the different colors of the lotus flower also give it different meanings. On one side is pink lotus flowerwhich is the most common, and is associated with earthly symbol of buddha, and the representation of the high divinities in general. It also represents the pink lotus flower the purity of the souland the path to liberation from materialism.

On the other hand is the white lotus flowerwhich is more related to purity, spiritual perfection and arrival of a blessing. so it is blue lotus flower, which is the most peculiar of all. This is because, as we told you before, its petals are always closed and the center of the flower is not visible. Its intense color represents for many wisdom and knowledge.

In last place is the red lotus flower, which is also a fairly difficult variety to find. Having its characteristic shape and being of intense red colors, it looks like a visual representation of the heart growing on the water. That is why it is a flower closely linked to romantic and passion meanings, as well as seduction.

Of course it is a really complex flower, with a lot of background and also some aesthetic characteristics that make it perfect for anyone who has time and desire to investigate how it is grown and cared for in the garden at home. If you are interested in seeing plants grow with special meanings, and also the incredible smell of the lotus has conquered you, perhaps this is your opportunity.

Take note! This is the meaning of the lotus flower that you can use for a special gift