When “the perfect man” is a woman: Saida Manoubia

The surprisingly “modern” story of Lalla Manoubia, a Saida, a 13th century Tunisian saint. Her actions made her famous and of an undeniable moral quality, but still make her the embodiment of a certain counter-power: she prolongs in her career the revolt against the symbol of patriarchal authority. Its antagonism vis-à-vis the public authorities is … Read more

Avatar Star shows he’s a perfect live

Residence News channel Avatar Star shows he’s a perfect live-action Aang Netflix Avatar: The Last Airbender star Gordon Cormier proves he’s a perfect live-action Aang in a new image ahead of the upcoming series. Gordon Cormier portrays his character from Avatar: The Last Airbender in a picture-perfect new image. Adapted from the popular Nickelodeon animated … Read more

Moonage Daydream and Brett Morgen’s Montage of Heck are a perfect double feature

Documentary director Brett Morgan continually dazzles audiences with its immersive, loud and haunting musical documentaries. His creative use of stock footage, graphics, original animation, and interviews translate into films that make viewers feel like they’re inside his subjects’ heads. His last doc, the david bowie movie Lunar Reverie, is a glimpse into the mind of … Read more

“The Church does not bring together only perfect people”: the end

As every year, Bishop Rey will celebrate midnight mass in the Sainte Baume grotto, before leading the mass on December 25 in Notre-Dame-de-la-Seds cathedral in Toulon. On Christmas Eve, the bishop of Fréjus-Toulon gave us an interview. With Argentina world champion, Francis is a happy pope. Can this joy reflect on the church? First of … Read more

Spirituality and environmentalism: Perfect symbiosis? | Foreign policy

Rather than proposing a new religious syncretism in the face of the climate crisis, Karen Armstrong suggests rediscovering the religious imagination of different traditions in which she perceives a common thread: the understanding of the natural world as a whole unified by a sacred, immanent or transcendent force. | December 9, 2022 “That eternal and … Read more

Be perfect… in an imperfect world (on the “constant option”)

Those who attack the Church by presenting it as a undesirable structure and contrasting it with spiritual authenticity Some Christians do not realize how this spirituality can only flourish under its protection. The Church, ugly at times like a greenhouse, houses in its bosom the most delicate flowers. Similarly, an apparently imperfect and hostile political … Read more

Franco Battiato: the magic of The Master’s Voice at the cinema, the perfect pop album

After the presentation at the Taormina Film Fest 2022, the film-event Franco Battiato – The Master’s Voice arrives in theaters from November 28 to December 4. Directed by Marco Spagnoli and produced by RS Productions and ITsART, the docufilm is a physical and emotional journey, from Milan to Milo, in Franco Battiato’s house, during which … Read more

A film in a scene: the three souls of Signs represented in a perfect little scene

Signs it speaks of a man in search of faith and of a family that wanders in search of an answer to his pain. Then there are crop circles and aliens, but they are far less important. This is how Shyamalan’s best films are: under a cumbersome story made of suspension of breath and disbelief, … Read more