60,000 flower bulbs to be picked planted in the various cemeteries of Chapelle

The various cemeteries as well as some public places in Chapelle-lez-Herlaimont will soon be flowered. The Natura Loci company and its partner Verver Export are responsible, this Thursday, for planting 60,000 flower bulbs which will be available for picking by next April. The opportunity for citizens to go there to create a small bouquet before paying their respects at the grave of a loved one.

The objective of the Natura Loci company is above all to recreate the link between the population and the municipality. “Our first goal is to bring beauty to cemeteries”, indicates Michel Dereau, administrator of Natura Loci. “The cut flowers are very pretty. They form bands of all colors that really bring aesthetics to cemeteries. The second objective concerns humanity and spirituality. The flowers will bloom around Palm Sunday, which is something like the second cemeteries’ festival after All Saints’ Day. However, this festival has more positive connotations than All Saints’ Day since it takes place at a time when the days are longer, there is more light, the flowers return,… It is also close to the Easter holiday which is a symbol of resurrection. Planting flowers therefore allows us to put this celebration back in the spotlight.

By putting Palm Sunday back in the spotlight, the Natura Loci society is also trying to bring young people back to cemeteries. “The municipalities note that young people no longer go to cemeteries. Our concept encourages them to come back without waiting for All Saints Day. Cemeteries with flowers to pick also become places of spirituality and walking in which citizens can meditate or simply recharge their batteries.”, says Miche Dereau.

For several years now, municipalities have increasingly wanted to green their cemeteries. The work of Michel and his teams fits perfectly into this philosophy. “By adding this kind of concept in the cemeteries, links are recreated between the population and the green space service as well as the municipal college. It is in a way a gift that the college gives to its citizens“, continues Michel Dereau. “To set up this service of picking plants, I was in contact with the head of the municipal works department who presented the project to the college. He finally decided to accept it.

Since 10 a.m. this morning, Michel and his teams have been traveling through the various cemeteries of the Chapelle entity to plant some 60,000 bulbs. Their work should be completed in the afternoon. All these efforts will culminate in April. “To plant these 60,000 bulbs, we are equipped with a very efficient machine. It is actually a tractor that is equipped with a mechanical tipper. Two plow bases are added to it. They are used to lift the lawn patches. The bulbs then fall to the ground via a conveyor belt. The machine then flattens the turf on the ground. When there are no roots or obstacles, the result is very convincing”, he explains.

Chapelle is one of the precursor municipalities in this area since it is the first in French-speaking Belgium to use this technique. Natura Loci and Verver Export have been collaborating since this year to allow cemeteries to flourish. Beyond these projects, the Natura Loci company offers floral solutions for cities and towns. It also offers either floral compositions that mix bulbs and perennials or to provide seeds that are closely flowered.

It should be noted that in addition to the Chapelle, Piéton and Godarville cemeteries, the Chapelle sports hall, the Chats roundabout and the Cité de la Case will also benefit from these flowers to be picked.

60,000 flower bulbs to be picked planted in the various cemeteries of Chapelle-lez-Herlaimont this Thursday