Willow, the perfect flower for is unlucky and has a grudge against life

When we feel haunted by bad luck and see everything black around us, then it’s time to resort to Willow

Flower therapy remedies (Photo by Fran • @ thisisfranpatel-Pixabay)

There are moments in life when every event seems to be against us. We feel betrayed, disrespected and unloved by others and because of this we develop negative feelings. We assume the attitude of the victim and we behave accordingly.

Everything is against us, there life it’s unfair, bad luck haunts us, the boss doesn’t value us, he always prefers someone else. In short, the destiny he has not been kind to us and the others do not realize how much we suffer.

Willow is the flower that shows us the way to smile again and take back the reins of our life

willow bad luck grudge
Willow (Photo by Peggychoucair-Pixabay)

The botanical name Willow’s is Salix Vitellina. It’s a Willow and grows along streams. The species are many, the vitelline variety it is so called because in winter its branches are colored with a beautiful color yellow which cheers up the whole countryside when the other trees lose their leaves. It is easily found throughout the Italian territory.

He was one of the last flowers found by Dr. Bach before he died. He believed it was one of the plant more spiritual, as it helped the person to find the own path when she felt distant from what she really loved.

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The “Willow” people they face this test because they need to learn how to say yes to life in a strong and positive way, just like in the film “Yes Man“. The their state of resentment, bitterness, anger. leads them to live the situations as victims and not as protagonists of their own destiny.

Generally, those suffering from these forms find it hard to realize that they need help, because the symptoms of reaction physically they are bland. Yes they can manifest in the form of rheumatoid arthritis, arthritis and arthrosis. More visible and annoying are the symptoms that arise as skin diseases, dermatosis and chronic dermatitis.

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Other physical characteristic is given by water retention, any kind of emotion is withheld. It is as if you were afraid to come out of your negative state to face a change the outcome of which is unknown. To let go and entering the flow of life presents difficulties that seem insurmountable.

The Willow Person it is, in the negative phase, a victim of itself. The remedy it brings back the deep self by returning the right balance to annoying thoughts. It helps us make peace with life and with ourselves.

The same intrinsic meaning of the plant brings us back on the right path. THE Willow branches they have always been used to tie bundles, to build fences or firewood. Their ability to regrow it is very fast. This force it is already within us and Willow it will help us find it, wherever it is.

Willow, the perfect flower for is unlucky and has a grudge against life